Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday- Fried to the Flesh

OK once I knew I had a sunburn I should have known better then to spend another 3 straight hours in the pool today, huh? You'd think I was smarter than that, um NOPE. I have the aloe, I have the sun screen, I have the wet towel around my shoulders, is anything helping? NOPE again.

Now the skin is peeling at remarkable speeds, it could probably win the race in Michigan this weekend if it were a NASCAR Cup car. Hey Dale Jr, wanna ride my skin for the race this weekend? LOL

Kenyetta yes I think I would love that Cashmere you found. Email me and let me know what I need to do. Thanks.

I am heading off to bed. Adam is gone home and I can slepp in, you think I will? Me either but I can at least dream about it.

See ya on the flip side.


hakucho said...

Ouch...sorry about your sunburn. The aloe gel does really help.

You better stay out of the sun from now on!!! I remember when I was a kid my Dad got a very, very bad sunburn on his foot and leg. He was out of work because he couldn't wear a shoe. They sad it was almost a 3rd degree burn. Be careful :)

Katie O said...

Sorry you are peeling... i hate being sunburnt. Ick... and as white as I am, you know that happens easily. I will wave at Jr. this weekend for you... I will be at the michigan race.. pray for no rain... I had plenty of that last year at the race. Here's to sunny skies.

Unknown said...

Ouch* take care of the sunburn hon.
Just added you to my fave blogs on my site.
Hugs Patt

Jane said...

Ouch! I used to sunburn really bad when I was a kid, now I stay out of the sun whenever possible.
Hey - you changed your atavar on ravelry - how am I supposed to know who you are LOL

Lil Knitter said...

Aww...I hope that sunburn get better soon. And Dale Jr..if it helps...come and get AK!!!
Don't give up on that's good stuff.

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