Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday- Steak and Stitches

Not much to blog today. It's late and I am ready for bed.

We finally had our first steak of the season cooked on the grill. My son is a meat cutter ans he special cut this for us and it was so so so delicious. It's been a long time and it was indescribable.

Of course mine got cold because I was test knitting the illusion cloth I designed and couldn't decide between eating and knitting, lol. So I did both but my food got cold pretty fast. But oddly enough it was still fabulous.

I don't have the camera yet to show you the pictures of the two designs. The first one is really supposed to be a plain regular dishcloth picture pattern but I used it to experiment with the illusion technique. The second cloth was designed especially for illusion so Shelly can use it for a special pair of socks for her daughter. Getting the ratio between casting on stitches and rows was the challenging part. But I think I am pretty close. I'll share the pictures tomorrow. I already told my son I NEED the camera.

Adam has gone home. We had a nice two days. He is such a good boy. We went swimming today for a little while, the pool was a little over filled from the last week of rain and he was a little scared but we still had fun.

Just a little over a week before my contest starts up again, are you all ready? Maybe we will get a few new regulars this time.

Speaking of that do any of you have some pictures of stash, etc something I can use for the "Guess" day? I am running out of things here and may have to start repeating, lol. If you do, email me your pictures, please. Thanks.

See you sometime Sunday hopefully not this late.



Wendy said...

Kathy, I remember you saying something about that when we talked...I tell you what, I have TONS......How do you want me to do it. guess how many cones, guess how many balls, (of cotton) Guess how many skiens of acrylic, Or even guess how many of each kind in a said pile....Oh and then there is the wool, novelty....You let me know what you want and I will get some pictures...Hey maybe even guess how many different colors in said pile....
I did get to grill 3 times...steak once...BUT now the tank is empty (for months) and I can not hooooo..
BIG HUGS>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

Every once in a while I crave a good steak - you made me want some LOL.

Can't wait to see the illusion cloths.


P.S. Just thought of this. On my blog when I took pictures of my bookcase, on top are green baskets with sock yarn. I can take a picture of just the basket or both baskets and can guess how many skeins. Let me know.


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