Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...What is this??? Weird.


Katie O said...

It kinda looks like it would wrap around a box or boxes of kleenex, but the 2 holes on top throw me off a bit... maybe it's for 2 small boxes?? I don't know... it's late and I'm still a bit jet lagged...

Hopefully they won't burn down the rest of the city since the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup tonight... :) *fingers Crossed*

hakucho said...

Not a clue???...but it does look like needlepoint of some kind :)

Wendy said...

A plastic canvas creation...I"m thinking that you are going to use it on a Kleenex box and put yarn in it, hence the two holes,

Mary Ann said...

Are you making Adam a car? LOL At first I thought maybe you were making a two burner stove for downstairs! hehe

How are you feeling? I hope it's better!

sailorcross said...

I'm not sure?!?! It looks like something that may have very big eyes!! But then, where are the nose and the mouth going to be??

First day back to work, and I am pooped after being off for 3 weeks. But it went okay--just tired.

I didn't forget your prize--I had to order the background material, and it hasn't arrived yet. I called the supplier today, and apparently they have to special order this and it won't be shipped until the end of next week probably.

I hope you're feeling better!!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm maybe it is a pet feeding station and the two holes are for the bowls?


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