Sunday, June 8, 2008

Straighten me out Sunday

Here is the view of my pool. Not huge by any means but big enough for me to float on a raft and stay cool. As you can see it does take up a lot of room in our small yard, but hey, less lawn for hubby to mow right?

My sister insisted on straightening my hair today before church. She overslept though so we had to rush through it. This was the result just before I ran out the door for church, I was 5 minutes late. Try to over look the fat face underneath the hair, close ups and me, well they are just not right, lol.

Not much else is new here. I am trying to learn the Channel island cast on and not having much luck. Can't wrap my brain or thumb the right way. Grrr This may be one KAL I have to skip.

Another hot day tomorrow to be spent in the pool. Rough days ahead for me, NOT.

Well I am off to make a fresh mug of water and read a little in my Bible before bed. I just realized it's almost midnight. Where did this day go?

Act 13:44 And the next sabbath day came almost the whole city together to hear the word of God.


Katie O said...

the pool looks great... so does the hair do!! I love the straight look:) I used to do that all the time... don't so much anymore... the freight doesn't care how my hair looks. ha ha ha:)

Wendy said...

The pool looks great....I want one, but then I would have 2 kids trying to get in it all the time, and my luck they would drown themselves....SO for now it is the sprinkler for us...Love the hair....Hope you are staying cool and safe.......
BIG HUGS......

Lil Knitter said... got a pool! That looks like the one we had a few years ago. Gotta love the pool in the summer.
I love your new "do"'s so pretty. I think it suits you pretty dang good too.
That's a cast on I haven't heard of...gonna go see if I can find link on "how to"....not that it will help me figure it out. lol

Jane said...

I bet the grandkids love the pool too! Your hair looks great!

Mary Ann said...

Wish we had a pool! We used to get a small plastic one for the kids to cool off in in the summer. Living in an apartment has it's disadvantages!

The straight hair looks great! I don't have to straighten mine, because it's naturally straight. My problem is trying to get a curl to stay. I've pretty much given up on that idea these days! I just cut my hair so short that Becca was not happy with me! But I'm trying to cut the color off and get my white/grey back for awhile.

Enjoy your pool and think of me, down here in 90 degree heat and no pool, not even a sprinkler! Maybe I could run around in the rain if there's no ligtning in the area. hehe

SimplyMe said...

yeah, whatever.

That hair makes you look younger and thinner and less like you are trying to hide under your hair. No kidding.

I canNOT figure out that cast on either. I can't figure out if I'm doing it wrong, or if I'm expecting a different looking picot. I've been using sock yarn, so maybe worseted weight would make the difference. Maybe I don't care. Maybe I'll wait for pics to see what it is before I waste any more time on it.

It's off to softball and jaywalker knitting.

That's about a tragic as your floating!!!!!

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