Sunday, March 16, 2008

Week three begins, Did you win week two???

Well Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone. I am an Irish girl at heart therefore I have decided to blog today all in GREEN. With a maiden name of Kathleen Murphy I guess you can't get much more Irish then that unless you are my sister Erin. LOL

I am still sick, can't seem to shake it but I am still here. My mom is sick too and so was my sister and brother in law. I guess it's going around. If I am still feeling yucky by tomorrow I guess I'll break down and call the doctor.

Kenyetta was the winner of last weeks contest. Kenyetta I would be happy to mail you out your choice of these five sock yarns. Just email me at and send me your address info, ok? or you can contact me through Ravelry if you are on there as well.

The yarn is from Webs in Indian colors e803, e806, and e810 and Webs Sunset colors 836 and 834

Contest stuff for today:

Monday is question/poll day...

How many hours a week do you spend knitting/crocheting?

1- 40+ hours... better to ask how many hours I don't knit or crochet

2- 26-39 hours... I live to handle yarn

3- 16-25 hours... It's a hobby I love and I wish i had more time in the day for it

4- 0-15 hours... come on I HAVE A LIFE, lol... kids need to be fed, laundry to wash, dishes to clean, and beauty sleep to be had. Yeah right.

Post your answer in the comments section and receive an entry in this weeks contest for a free pattern from Sue. (Info in the side bar to the right)

Ok that's done... Now who's having corned beef for dinner tonight? My sister invited us over for dinner so I don't have to cook, good thing since I still have no desire to cook anything.

I guess that's about it from me today...

I'll leave you today with an Irish prayer

May God give you...For every storm, a rainbow,For every tear, a smile,For every care, a promise,And a blessing in each trial.For every problem life sends,A faithful friend to share,For every sigh, a sweet song,And an answer for each prayer.


Katie O said...

I'd probably say 2. Some weeks are 3, some are 2... Depends on how crazy work has been. All the sitting on the road being bored gets me knitting alot!!

Lil Knitter said...

I would have choose #1...I take mine with me when I leave the house. lol
Ah...I have Irish blood wonder we get along so well. I sure hope you start feeling better soon. There's so much yucky stuff going around and it's so hard to get rid of it.
Now you got me craving corned beef...yummy!

Wendy said...

You know I have never really paid attention to how much time, so i will go with #2, But it could very well be #1....Have the corn beef, cabbage, taters and carrots waiting to put in the oven....MMMMmmm....Irish I am, my moms maiden name is Fagan......That is why I wanted a little curly red headed, green eyed lass....but did not get her...Oh well I think I got a good deal out of the kids anyways...
Hope you enjoy your dinner.......
Big Hugs

SimplyMe said...

Okay, so I really dont want to fess up and face off what my addiction really costs me in time each week. I'd guess 26 - 39, and PTL I spend time on the internet searching for/drooling over yarn, and more pattern idea planned than an army of full time knitters could ever accomplish, or it'd be more into the over-time full time job category. (shudder)

teabird said...

Happy St. Patrick's day to you! I hope you'll feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'd say on average i"m a 3, but I'm sometimes a 2.. ;-) No true irish blood in me.. but i"m definitely irish at heart... :-)

Kenyetta said...

I am mostly #3. When I lived in NY, I was #1. I would take it everywhere. Now it's during tv time and on the weekend. No corned beef tonight, but I would love some corned beef and cabbage.

GratefulSusan said...

Thanks for sharing the Irish blessing, Ms Kathleen Murphy! And a tip o' the bonnie bonnet to ye, me lass!



hakucho said...

I'm 3! No question about that.
Sure hope you're feeling better by now :)

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