Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 4, Name that Caption

Howdy friends,

Still not feeling great, but I am at least functioning today. I managed to get to church so that was good. I finished the first of many VJG afghans today, what do you think?

I made mention of a few more contests in my side bar, make sure you check them out. Especially you crocheters out there, did you know this is National Crocheters Month??? One of the contests has a mystery pattern you need to crochet up (it's small only took about 30 minutes tops) and then send in your picture for the contest. I did it last night, I think I did it right? LOL, not 100% sure though. If any of you try it I'd love to see your finished product.

Onto Contest Stuff-

Yes the answer to the Riddle was PURL, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Today is cartoon caption humor... below is a picture, post into the comment section whatever caption pops into your head when you look at it. This will of course get you another entry into this weeks contest.

One more day left for this weeks prize so make sure you come back tomorrow too.

I guess that's about it for me, back to bed. Hoping tomorrow will be even better then today.

Lam 3:23 [They are] new every morning: great [is] thy faithfulness.


SimplyMe said...

eenie meenie miney moe
to the yarn shop I must go!

Wendy said...

"What project do I want to start next?" Hope you have a wonderful day, and I am going to gice the contest a try right now.....LOVE the afghan.....BIG HUGS!!

Katie O said...

which yarn from my stash should I use for these???

Have a great day!!!

Lil Knitter said...

That's how I've been feeling lately..."What Now?" lol
I think I missed yesterday....been a rough couple of days for me...dang girl stuff. Hate it!
Hope you get some rest and feel better soon.
*going to get my heating pad and curl up in bed*

Turtle said...

Sorry you have been under the weather! The weather has sure been sapping all our energy at work! Hope you feel better the afghan!

Turtle said...

Oh duh, a contest! (lol) "Hmmm, so many things on my knit list! Which should i knit, or should i knit them all and make them coordinate! Hmmmmm, i think i need a coffee"

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