Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Day Three, It's RIDDLE TIME

Wow what a day. Woke up early to my sister dropping by with more papers to grade.
My foot is hurting again and I can barely walk. I volunteered at the polls again today from 11am to 9pm. And I am done, ready for bed. Wish I was in bed already. LOL

But first I need to blog, I can't bear to keep you waiting in suspense for me to wake up tomorrow.

While at the polls today I taught another poll worker how to crochet using the afghan stitch. I was going to work up a dish cloth myself but she really looked like she wanted to do it, so I let her crochet and I graded papers.

Man I'd give anything for a stick of gum right now, anyone have one???

Anyway, I was planning on writing out the riddle for todays contest but never got to it, so it's going to be off the cuff. That means don't RIB me about the silly rhyme I am about to KNIT together for you.


I am like your second pair of eyes
With me what you see is not a surprise
In a flash I can get the job done and done well
But how I do it I will never tell
I can zoom into focus or fade out fast
But the memories I bring, OH they will last
You are so close just one more click
Guess what I am and post it quick

Post your answer in the comments section to receive your entry today.

OK everyone that's it for this tired Gammma, I have to go to BED. See you all tomorrow.

1Cr 15:2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain.


Lil Knitter said...

We must have been blogging at the same time. lol
Today almost slipped right by me.
I'm guessing a camera.
Okay, I'm heading off to bed myself.
Hugs! Sweet dreams!

Katie O said...

I also guessed Camera! We must be on the same page!! Have a great morning! I'm off to bed!

Anonymous said...

You camera you! ;-)
I hope you got lots of sleep!

Anonymous said...

I came here because Michelle, insanknitty, sent me. It's a camera.

Wendy said...

I shall say a Camera.......I was in bed and I believe asleep before micnight last night or very close to it....Pretty bad when you doze reading blogs....knew that was my que to hit the sack....But i feel as if I did not sleep at all, maybe because I was COLD (63 in my bedroom), William was cold, because he was GLUED to me, and Brooke was just plain ole restless...Maybe I can catch a nap today (HA HA)
Have a wonderful day today>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

I saw you on Ravelry - and I'm with everyone else on this... it's a camera!

teabird said...

Oh, definitely a camera. Of course, being who I am, I'm thinking ... a vintage Leica... (instead of my autofocus digital)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am also guessing a camera.

Anonymous said...

Camera. I just found your blog on the ravelry bloggers contest thread.

You have my all time favorite scripture on your blog header. I've never seen that posted anywhere before. I'm not surrounded by a lot of people who know Biblical scripture, so it is difficult to convey what that psalm says to me. I'm so happy to know that it is held precious to you as well. If there is one song (psalm) from the Biblical text to go and experience, I always say 139 is it. :)

SimplyMe said...

click, click I'm a camera!

I went to the chemo cap contest..and have had several conversations with Lynn's cousin..and let me tell you...I'm on FIRE! ♫ insert ladder 49 song here♫

Sonya said...

I'm from Ravelry too, and it is a camera

Mari said...


(came over from InsanKnitty)

I like the riddle. :)

Anonymous said...

Camera!! I thought of that before seeing the comments, so I'm very proud of myself :D

Kenyetta said...

a camera! I liked that one.

Mary Ann said...

I also thought camera before reading all of the replies!

Sure wish I had a digital like Becca does so that I didn't have to depend on her for my pictures to post at Raverly! Oh well, all good things take time!

I hope you got a good rest.

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