Friday, March 21, 2008

Saturday's Scoop

Hmmm let's see...

First I added another contest to my sidebar... Chan is having her 1 year blogaversary so make sure to go check it out. And some of the others are ending soon so if you haven't checked them out maybe you will get a chance this weekend.

Adam had a dentist appointment today. He came over afterwards. He was surprisingly in a really good mood. Maybe he missed me I know I sure missed him. He was so talkative and interacting with his NOGGIN shows, it was fun to watch.

He was hungry too and for once I didn't have to order a pizza. Good for me, I am always tempted by the cold pizza the next day. He ate a hot dog, no bun, and two bowlfuls of Strawberries and Cantaloupe. He was so funny, he said I want watermelon, I said I didn't have watermelon but I had orange melon, he said OK, and loved it. I also made him an ice cream cone with some sherbet in it, he liked that too.

Later he wanted to play on the computer so I signed onto and got him started, well he just navigated all around there and changed from Obie to Blue to Dora etc. He found the games he wanted and then started them up. When did he learn that? I feel like it was just yesterday when he didn't even know how to use the mouse at all. I think he must be a genius. LOL

I ordered a pattern from Etsy that was designed by Rhonda White, she has a zillion free patterns that I LOVE and have made several of including the wrapper envelope dishcloth, one of my personal favorites. Anyway her free patterns can be found here and the link to her Etsy store is here.

I had to knit this up right away, but I had to finish it in the dark as Adam fell asleep and the light was in his eyes, LOL. So it has several flaws but I am sure if I wasn't trying to knit and hold a flashlight under my chin it would be fine. LOL

Yes the hat was from KTO's blog, you never know who's blog I will use next time so get those finished projects posted.

I'll be announcing the winner hopefully tomorrow but if we end up going to my sisters for Easter it might just be on Monday.

Adams other Grandma is in the hospital again. She was fine when she dropped off Adam this afternoon, but apparently she took too many pain pills later on and overdosed. They are not sure if it was intentional. It's so sad, I am just praying that God will heal her heart, mind and body.

Praying that you all stay healthy too, no more sicknesses for any of us. We are all done with that, right?

It's getting late and I better head off to bed.

Psa 16:8 I have set the LORD always before me: because [he is] at my right hand, I shall not be moved.


Lil Knitter said...

Oh my goodness! He looks like such a big boy sitting there in front of the computer!

I love Rhonda's patterns too. I want to knit up a bunch of those tawashi and try them out. *don't know if I spelled that right*

I hope Adam's other grandma is going to be okay...will keep her in our prayers.

Katie O said...

He has grown up so much in the short time I've known you... you used to have to help him the whole time and now he's off and running!!! Prayers for the other grandma... Hope she is well soon. Have a safe Easter... got 8 inches of snow here tonight... argh! Can't it just be spring!?!?

Kenyetta said...

I love Rhonda's patterns. She is so creative.
Have a Happy Easter!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, Just dropping in to wish you a Happy Easter. I hope Adam's other grandmother is doing better. He is getting big fast!!

Wendy said...

HAPPY EASTER.......HE IS RISEN !!!!!!!!!
the spam on my blog was also leaving links, that is why I do not want them on there, so that no one will be tempted to open them...God only knows what they are...

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