Monday, March 17, 2008

Day Two- Guess what today is?


You know I just realised I goofed up my contest sequence this week, LOL. Day One is usually a guess picture and Day Two is the question/poll. Oops. See I really am sick. LOL

But it all works out right? It's that perfectionist attitude I need to let die down.

Been working on squares still between naps and I am ready to sew together two more blankets tomorrow. That makes three completed so far. I am excited to see this all finally coming together.

I'm still not 100% but other then a bothersome cough and being very tired I am feeling a little better. I didn't go to my sisters to eat though, but they did send me home a plate so it all worked out.

OK onto CONTEST stuff...

Below are two different photos of the same group of YoYo's I have made. I sew these together into afghans when I have enough of them. I have been making them out of the scraps of yarn left over from the squares I have been making. Can you guess how many YoYo's I have made up to date?

Post your answer in the comments section and receive another entry into this weeks contest.

Tomorrow I hope to get to everyone's blogs and catch up on the past week.

Praying for all those who like me have been sick. This is no fun.

See everyone tomorrow.
Nahum 1:7 The LORD [is] good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.


Lil Knitter said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. All this sickness is just's just so much harder to get rid of this stuff these days.

I'm gonna guess there's 48 yo-yos...I love the yo-yo blankets you make.

Going to get some sleep's been one long day.


Wendy said...

Let's see...I think I will guess 52 yo yo's .........Can't wait to see the afghans, and hope you feel even better today......

SimplyMe said...


I donno!!!

Anonymous said...

my guess is 125

Anonymous said...

I"m guessing 57 yo yos...

My thoughts and prayers are with you Kath as you heal... this bug you have is the one I had in February.. and it's a doozie!

Katie O said...

68 yo yo's... Again, hope you feel better!! Its such a bummer to sick... sounds like you are on the road to recovery!

Mary Ann said...

I'll guess 75 yo yo's. Sorry that you've been sick but happy that you're feeling better.

I've been sick too. I haven't gone to my clubs, crocheted, knitted or anything! It's been a bugger! I too am feeling a little better today.

Good luck with your contest.

Kenyetta said...

I am guessing 75

Anonymous said...

Ruth gueses about 95

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