Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day Three, Riddle Fiddle

Well this week is sure flying by.

I actually did some things today that a living person would do. I out away clean dishes, washed all the dirty dishes, and for those who know me well you know how many dishes that is, I even scrubbed the table, counters and stove top including the burners. I cooked dinner, meatloaf, baked potato and mixed veggies, then washed the dinner dishes too. I sewed together an afghan just need to finish the border, and I climbed the stairs so I could watch Biggest Loser on TV tonight.

Tomorrow I will either be one of two things...

100% well

or dead

Just a reminder I have added a few new links to other contests in ym side bar, make sure you check them out, there are some good prizes to be won out there, and it might as well be won by one of us, right?

Today is church night. I just realised I am a little behind on my daily Bible reading too, being sick I haven't done much reading so I hope to catch myself up today.

I'll have pictures of the newest afghan tomorrow as well.


There were in the jar 76 YoYo's. I have a few more to add after today but they don't count since they wern't in the picture.

Today's contest of course will be a simple riddle. All you need to do is post your guess to get an entry in for this weeks contest prize.

Hey diddle diddle here's another riddle
I know you were waiting for this
If I could I'd play it with my fiddle
That's something you'd not want to miss
Speaking of missing things here's the clue
It's something that all of us surely can do
It's fun and rewarding one's not like the rest
Guess what I am and you'll win me. I'm a blog .... ??

I am feeling like my blog is a little dull these days, but I hope you don't mind I am just not feeling very creative with this flu thing.

How is this time change effecting everyone? Always seems to make me feel a little out of sorts and then I remember God is my light.

John 8:12 Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.


Lil Knitter said...

This time change has me all mixed up too and having this dang cold that won't go away is not helping.
Glad you're back among the living...things will get better.

SimplyMe said...

Can I tell you that it totally annoys me that your knitting chick over there on the right never makes any progress on her project. Of all the STUPID things in the world.....that's it for me today!


Laugh at me, it's all you can do with me.

wonder where my one word post went?

ikkinlala said...


Katie O said...

CONTEST! We all love them!!! :) I like yours best! :)

Wendy said...

Contest......So glad to hear you are doing much better today....You did more than I did.....I was so so very tired today and took a nap with the kids....Flew out of the bed a 6p.m. saying OH SHI*, what am I going to fix for dinner (everyone else was still asleep) so I chose to fix eggs, sausage, pancakes and toast....everyone woke up to the smell of the sausage cooking...
Have a great day (hopefully it will be 100%)

Lapdog Creations said...

Contest :)

hakucho said...

You sound like you are feeling a tad better. Hope it won't be long before you are 100% well :)

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