Monday, March 10, 2008

Day two, and a little third degree???

Well this will be a short and sweet blog, I have been sick all day. Can't eat, and just feeling like a truck ran over me. On a good note though I bet I lost 5 pounds today.

Here's Adam trying to guess the number of square that were in the box, hmmm 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5, 17, 20!!!!

By the way as I emptied the box to sort and count the squares Adam decided he would keep the box as his new train. LOL, who needs to buy toys, when there is cardboard around???

The answer to the number of squares was 100, exactly. I actually counted them three times to make sure. Can't wait to get them all sewed together into blankets. I'll post pictures as I can.

Today's Contest, well Tuesday is question/poll day...

So here I go.

How many projects do you actually finish in a month?
1- 5 or more (I am super knitter, LOL!)
2- 2-4 (Come on I have a life too you know??)
3- 1 and I'm proud of that for sure (Sheepishly looks a the pile of UFO's)
4- Is this a trick question????

Post your answer in the comments section to get another entry in this weeks drawing.

No pictures yet but the prize will be a ball of sock yarn, enough to make a pair of socks. I'll get the pictures up as soon as I am feeling better, OK?

Wendy and Cat my apologies to you both, you both have sent me awesome gifts and I have not posted them here yet. I am so grateful and LOVE them just can;t seem to get my head together to get them photographed and blogged. You two are awesome.

Ok that said I really need to get back to bed. I'll check back tomorrow.

Mat 14:14 And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick.


Anonymous said...

That's okay sweetie!! As long as I know you've received it!!

Now get some rest and feel better soon.


Lil Knitter said...

My answer would be 4. lol I don't even try to keep count. Right now, I'm trying to decide what to do next since all my "have to finish" projects are done.

I hope you get to feeling better soon...this has really been a bad winter for sickness. Get some rest!


Katie O said...

I'm #4... I don't even keep track anymore... sometimes it's 3-6 sometimes, it's waaay more then that!! I like the satisfaction of smaller projects... so the big HUGE ones gotta wait a minute or day or two!! Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Wendy said...

Hmm. I would probably say 1....I do have a life though too, so it does not matter what I get done, but I do a lot, because it is my sanity.......for instance this week alone I have done 4 bunny hats, one scarf and one angel pouch. But then I have a cotton blanket in the works along with some socks....
Don't owrry, when ever you feel better you can share your goodies....So glad you liked them.
Hope you feel better today.

SimplyMe said...

I'm going with 4.

Still too groggy.

Feel better, kay?

Anonymous said...

First I hope you feel better soon. It is awful to be sick. I am a crochet person right now even though I do knit and I am not sure if you are talking project or items. I don't usually count. Last year I completed 900 items for charity in 12 months. I have had a slow start to this year but have made about 35 hats so far this month. But it is all part of 1 project.

Heide said...

In my dreams I'm a 1, but in reality I'm more like a 4 or 5, depending on my girls' activities.

Kenyetta said...

I would have to go with 2- only because I make a lot of dishcloths.
Feel better soon.

hakucho said...

Hope you feel better soon!

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