Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day 1 of Week 2, A Winner is revealed

Well can my weekend get any more busy and complicated??? I have not yet rested since Adam has been here.

With the time change Adam slept until 9am, I need to be at church at 10am. So we are already behind. My son took my car because his had a flat tire. My husbands truck was full of his junk so he couldn't drive Adam home and me to church. So my sister, who thank God lives next door, said she'd drop us off. So she and her daughter Hannah came over and my husband was pretending to be a monster and scare them, and they would run from the kitchen to the living room screaming. 2 minutes before we were to walk out of the house Adam loses his footing while running and falls face first into his Diego table. Now we have a crying baby, bloody clothes and face and a husband yelling at me. Adam would have nothing to do with the band aid but somehow we stopped the bleeding. On the way to drive him home he was fine in the car, pointing out flags and stop signs etc. but as soon as we got to his house and "Janmum" came to get him, he started crying and said "I got hurt" it was so obviously a show for his other grandma, LOL.

After church my aunts decided to come down to play Mexican dominoes so off to my sisters I go, still no rest for the weary. LOL. I just got home about an hour ago and the animals were hounding me for food, the wood stove was almost out and blah blah.

Then I tried to upload some pictures and blogger was not cooperating. Grrr I finally got one to go through so I am stopping here. I'll work on the others tomorrow I guess.

Week 2 of the March Blogaversary begins Today

Below is a picture of the squares sent to me from Wendy for the VJG afghans, contest assignment today is to guess how many squares were in the box.

Post your answer in the comments section to get an entry in this weeks contest.

We have a winner in last weeks contest... she posted on Day 1 and found the contest through Ravelry her name is

CONGRATULATIONS, and happy shopping over at Michelle's

I have so much more I could say but I am just too tired.

I will reveal the prize for this weeks contest tomorrow as soon as I decide which way I am going.

Happy Monday
1Cr 9:24 Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.


Wendy said...

I won't guess the answer, even though I am senile and can not remember how many there was..LOL...
I hope you get some rest....
and Congratulations to Rachel.

Lil Knitter said...

Congrats to Rachel...heading over to check out her blog next.
OMG...Ms Lightening Crochet telling how many she sent to ya. She crochets so fast it's amazing.
I'll guess 96.
I had a few issues with Blogger today too. Just did one photo and a short post and left it at that. It's been a long weekend. Whew!

Scarlet said...

I will have to guess 115. this is like guessing how many jelly beans are in a jar. HEHEHE. i found you through Wendy's blog.


hakucho said...

Wow that's a lot of squares!!...TNTC: too numerous to count ;)

happy knitting ;)

SimplyMe said...


Random number guessing on a Monday. Works for me!

Kenyetta said...

I am guessing 100?

Katie O said...

I say 76!!! :)

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