Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day Three, Care for a Riddle???

First things first, I finally took pictures of the gifts from Cat and Wendy... Only Adam had the lady bug pin Cat sent and I can't find it... it's somewhere. Anyway here are the pictures...

This is a beautiful pink cross bookmark and I use it everyday, I LOVE it. It was from an Etsy store you should check it out she has some pretty stuff there.

This picture is of a beautiful hand crocheted scarf, a pair of knitting needles size 7, supporting breast cancer awareness, two skeins of pink yarn and two crocheted sponges. Everything is in PINK and therefore everything is PERFECT.

Onto Contest stuff...
Well I am something that could mean great worth
I am hidden deep until I'm discovered at birth
Of a great price I have thought to be sold
Maybe even worth more then silver or gold
But alas my spelling gives me a new role
Hold onto your tension for perfect control
Go ahead and give it a whirl
I'm not a knit I am a.....???

Solve the riddle, post your answer in the comment section and receive another entry in this weeks contest. You don't have to be right, you just need to guess... SHELLY you too, even though you know the answer (She helped me with a line I was stuck on)

Well that's done. I am feeling a little better today but not great by any means. I did however climb the stairs tonight so I could watch Biggest Loser, so that's a plus.

I haven't been able to go read blogs as I have been sleeping a lot. I hope you know I am there in spirit and hopefully tomorrow I can catch up with you all.

Mat 13:46 Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.


Katie O said...

You are a purl!!! YEA!! That is one of my favorites ever!!! You're so good at riddles... I love it!!! Congrats on the stairs... keep conquering them!!! You are doing great!!

Anonymous said...

A purl says I too!

Anonymous said...

I recognize that yarn. I had a bunch of it too. Caron is very generous. Hope your feeling better. Your work is lovely as usual.

Wendy said...

"I am a PURL".........Yea for the stairs.....Praying you start feeling better........We all need Spring to Spring....get rid of all the yucky germs.....

Mary Ann said...

You're a purl!
Congradulations on the stairs! Did I miss it, or did they not tell who was voted off on BL? My dd and I even ran it back, but didn't see a vote off!

Sorry to hear that you are sick too. My oldest dd has informed me that I have the flu!! Yipee! At least now I know what triggered my asthma!

Hope you're feeling better today. Rest and get fluids! Those are my dd's orders to me, so I'm passing them along!

SimplyMe said...

Oh look.....it's a CHICKEN!

J Sews said...

it's a Pearl!
Thanks for the fun!

amy said...

you're a purl.

thanks for the opportunity!

Andrea Moberly said...

purl! What a cute poem :) Thanks for posting a link to my contest!

Kenyetta said...


ikkinlala said...

You're a purl!

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