Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday, Day 14, almost 1/2 way through

WOW, I can't believe it's 4pm EST already and I am just getting to blog for today. My day started out with me over sleeping. Yep, I woke up at 9:56am and church starts at 10am. Oops. It was a calamity of errors, but in 5 minutes I managed to get up, get dressed, brush hair and teeth, grab my purse and oxygen and get into my car. I only live 4 blocks from church so I was making good time.

I have had no breakfast, no meds, no water, no coffee, no shower... I start driving and this stye I have over my left eyelid decides to pop. Uh Oh!!! now I have this gunky stuff dripping into my left eye, my right eye is blinded by the bright sun shine coming in through my front windshield. I practically drove to church with both my eyes closed. I was a sight to be seen.

I was able to drive though, and even walk into church the long way and not be out of breath or have any major body pain. In fact I felt GREAT. I haven't felt this good in years. It's almost amazing how much a few pounds can make on your quality of life. Now I have a ton more to lose, but if I can feel this good now after just losing 20, imagine how good I'll feel when I finally hit my goal weight. WOW!!!

Anyway, Sunday is our day of rest anyway, no no real assignment except to post a comment today. I've had some nice participation so far, I hope it continues for the rest of the month, hoping to make the 2000 comment goal.

After church I came home and ate a good high fiber breakfast, and then did the dishes and then cooked for my husband who came home from hunting, and starving. Now i am blogging and then I am going to go relax a little, watch a movie and make something.

Oh I got my first dishcloth exchange in the mail this weekend. Below is the picture of the wonderful things I received. I have already burnt one of the candles and they smell wonderful. The needles are hand made by Pauline and they are so beautiful. it's hard to see but the tips are ceramic and have blue hearts on them. I'd sure love to make some needles like this. My package is going out to her tomorrow, so i can post a picture of the stuff I made, including a brand new design later next week.

Oh and I finally finished the Star baby afghan, I will post that picture tomorrow. I think I might use it as part of the contest for tomorrow.

That's it for now... have a wonderful day.



Wendy said...

Oh I am so glad you are fine.........I sure wish I could lose some weight and so happy for you....great job girl friend......Finishing up dinner right now, and then I will get back to my crocheting, been a nice relaxing day after a morning of cleaning.
Have a great day..........Love Ya

SimplyMe said...

Wow. I love it. I love everything you got. Tell your exchangee she did a great job. I love the dw cloth, and how pretty are those colors? Wow. I didn't know it worked up so well. What a great match to your kitchen

Katie O said...

Glad you are ok... Figured you just got a late start today. We were all anxiously awaiting your blog. good job on the weight loss... each pound helps your body tons and tons... keep at it!! "every journey begins with a single step" in this case, a single pound, but you are down 20 yea for you!!!! Hope you have a nice relaxing day!! I'm still in TX!! :) Making the cash! :) at least for today! :)

Lil Knitter said...

It made my day to know that you're feeling so good. That's awesome news...especially considering the way you day started out. lol
What a nice exchange those needles. I just made a soda cozy using what appears to be the same yarn as the cloth you received. I was surprised to find a black yarn that actually knits up pretty.
Have a wonderful day...Hugs!

JoanK said...

Wow - what a day and what a start to it! Glad you are feeling better and you made it to Church safe, sound and in great spirits. Hope you were able to relax as planned - take care this coming week

Anonymous said...

Hi AK . . .
You Rock, getting up and out in 5 minutes.
Your package is great, I wish I took the time to knit and crochet more.
I spend my free time (yeah right) reading. Just finished John Grisham's new book: Playing for Pizza for bookclub.

ikkinlala said...

Quite a start to your day!

I'd love to know what pattern that dishcloth is.

Michelle said...

Hey Kathy,

Glad to hear you've had some 'loss' lately... the weight game is such a 'fun' adventure eh! It is truly amazing what dropping a bit of weight can do for your overall general feeling! Good for you for working hard at it lately!

Hope the rest of your day was great!

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