Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 17, Mid week Wednesday

Happy Wednesday.

I didn't sleep in today but I am moving slower then I had hoped. Ever have one of those days when you just suddenly realise you've been sitting in one place zoning out and hours have passed? Yep, that's what is happening this morning.

Adam was a good boy yesterday. I just love having him around, even though I am a little tired. He was letting me take his picture and he would pose and every time the flash went off he would laugh out loud. Unfortunately my camera has a lag and after I click and it flashes if he moves or stops smiling that's what the picture ends up being. I did get a few shots though and one even showed a smile, of course I am going to share them with you. I am a proud Gamma, you know...LOL. Except Blogger won't let me upload a picture right now, grrr. I guess I'll have to post them tomorrow.

I am not sure if everyone already knows about the 2008 Knitting Calendar but if you are interested here is the link to the blog where you can buy it. The cost is $16.00 and it's a PDF file you download, but it has some awesome patterns in there from what I can see. I just wanted to share the wealth, so to speak. Maybe one day I'll even have a pattern I designed in there, that would be so cool.

Now onto today's Contest assignment...

Below is a picture I found on the Internet... I thought it would be a good one to think up a funny caption for... so go for it. Post your thoughts in the comment section and receive another entry into the October contest for the mystery box of prizes. Have fun, remember smiling and laughing is good for you and everyone around you too.

I am off now to bury myself in my stash and get this stuff ready to maybe know what to do when I finally get my invite to Ravelry...

Tomorrow I will post my new design and pattern too on my pattern blog, so don't forget to come back and check that out.



Michelle said...

Spidey's web thrower failed him when he tried to Darn his boot... mom got him just the right Red Heart for the fix!

(Great picture AK... where do you find this stuff?!)

Lil Knitter said...

Think Spidey theme song....Spiderman, Spiderman, knits whatever a spider can...spins a skein any size...knits a sock in record time...Hide your stash...It's the yarn loving Spiderman. lol
Sorry, that just popped outta my head.

SimplyMe said...

That's too funny! I don't have a great caption.......but all I could think of was, "what if he has to go to the bathroom"

Wendy said...

"Who would have thought that being a Super Hero would consist of having to make your own clothes?"
I am having one of those "oh my it is already such and such a time" kind of days also. Been sitting and now just fed the kids breakfast, so I thought, but it is now lunch time. Boy where did the time go.......

Anonymous said...

Funny comments and pic!

I think Spidey needs to find a yarn with a higher elastic content - his suit is a little droopy.

Gotta love a man who knits though, right?

Katie O said...

"I swear I have knit new leggings everytime I swing through down town... argh, stupid cell phone towers."

Hope you have a great day. I'm finally back home after 8 days on the road... thank goodness... now to catch up here!!:)

JoanK said...

Melanie, love your song! Kathy - you do get the most interesting pix - my caption (with apologies to everyone):

"Hold on, lady in distress - just one more row!"

ikkinlala said...

"I know I can finish this costume by Halloween."

Mary Ann said...

I didn't know I had to knit the sock with my foot in it!!

Sorry this post is so late, but I've had a busy day today! It was a fun day though because I was with my friend all day. She bought me some Patons Melody yarn, which is thick and chunky, in pastel baby colors, and some self stripping Peaches & Cream yarn. She said it's my Christmas present! lol

Then when I got home, I found a package from a new friend who lives in NY!! Beautiful teal suede yarn and two great scrubbies! Thank you so much!! That put the whipped cream on my day!

Today was our 27th anniversary. My dh gave me a really cute card. We planned on just having sandwiches here, but our dd gave us a card and money and told us to go out to eat! So we went to Pasta Faire here in town and enjoyed a very good meal.

Well, I'm off to put my leg back up. It's really sore right now from me being up all day. See you tomorrow my friend!

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