Saturday, October 6, 2007

Day 6, let the weekend begin

Hello, and welcome to the weekend and day 6 of the BLOG contest.

First things first, I think I am feeling better today. The pressure in my chest seems to have dwindled. I still have some pain in my stomach and some body aches, but I no longer feel like my days on Earth are over. Gosh who would finish the contest???

I haven't knitted or crocheted since Tuesday, but last night I started to crochet a baby blanket, that's sort of in a star/round shape. I wasn't sure I could concentrate but I managed to get 12 rows done. I will work on it some more today. Is this a project I need done for Christmas? NOPE. I need to get moving on that list soon. I need to remember how to use those darn circulars again. Grrrrr

Adam did come over last night from 5pm to 9:30pm. He wanted to come see us. He is such a good boy. I would have let him stay overnight, but not knowing how I would be in the morning, I decided not a wise move, especially since my son went out last night and my husband left early to go hunting this morning.

Mary Ann welcome back. That sure brought a smile to my face.

Ok onto my contest stuff...

Yep those finished projects were actually 50... I did not count a baggie of butterflies I made like 4 years ago, or the finished stuff that hasn't made it to the bag yet, LOL. Believe it or not I have given alot of things away already. As you can see I have a lot of spare time since I was out on disability.

Today's assignment



Well I guess I am off for now. I just had a bowl of applesauce. So far so good, no indigestion yet. Woo Hoo.

See everyone tomorrow



Katie O said...

I have started. I have finished a spa set consisting of a bath mitt, headband and a washcloth! I've started on the second and I'm not sure how many I'm going to do... Can't really tell you if I'm on par or not, but I've made a good start!!

Wendy said...

Umm finish, nope, not even started....Umm boy I am bad, I have 4 childrens cardigans, and one hat scarf set to make. Do you suppose I should get started????
If I ever do get started the hat and scarf a day project. and the cardigans are a 2 day project each. So I still have time, if I would just get all this other stuff done..........So glad to hear you are feeling better........

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, I'm glad that my return brought a smile to your face. I know there was one on mine! lol

I'm also happy to hear that you're feeling better today. Boy that picture was deceiving! There must have been a lot of things hidden. hehe

Christmas?? Are you kidding?? I've kind of, sort of, thought about it; a little. lol I have to come up with something for my bf, both of my craft clubs, the historical society party, not to mention family!! Yipes! Guess you could say that I'm behind. I just started the golf club covers for dh's nephew's bd that was last month!

I did get the Pooh and Tigger blanket posted on my tripod site on the "new" page. Here's the url if you want to take a look:

I'm off to put my leg back up with some ice because it's starting to hurt again.

Feel better!

SimplyMe said...

Glad you are feeling better. Christmas? List? Done? Heck no. I don't even have a list started. Hummmmm, may be a purchased year.

Lil Knitter said...

It's good to hear that you're feeling better today. I have started my Christmas list and have a few things made but nowhere near finished. I don't think I'm really behind but that could change at any time. Everyone is getting something hand made this year. I really should get it all together and see exactly where I am...I'm sure I need to get busy.

Anonymous said...

I started on my Christmas list, but all these fall birthdays keep coming up!

I actually missed my deadlines for making two September b-day gifts - so guess what? Those projects are now going to be Christmas gifts.

ikkinlala said...

I haven't even started... actually, I haven't even thought about it much. Christmas is still far away, right?

JoanK said...

Do WIMs count? Just bought some yarn today (I was at a workshop - wonderful) for mitts for some of the great nieces and nephews. Have yarn and flanelette for blankies ... and must make my sister something different!! Maybe wristers - have the yarn, and the pattern, so must get going on it.

Glad you are feeling better and that Adam did get to see you (and vice versa) today. Stay well, and blessed Sunday

Michelle said...

I'm so behind on my christmas knitting.. but I have actually started... I'll get my groove going soon I hope! :-) 50... that's amazing...

Leigh Ann said...

Well for Christmas gifts overall I am ahead. Yeah me! But on the knitted Christmas gifts I have to get my butt in gear alittle more. I have 4 kids sweaters to do (one needs to be sewn, the second is 1/2 way done and I have 2 to do). Plus so dishcloths and stuff as well. I am hoping to get them all completed in time for Christmas this year.

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