Saturday, May 31, 2008

What to do with a Saturday...

Well it's Saturday. If I was a child living home with my mom this day would be devoted to CLEANING the house. Yep Saturday Cleaning is what we called it. We would dust, vacuum, sweep, mop, clean bathrooms, change beds, you name it we did it. It would take all day, no playtime for us kids on a Saturday. Even today if I want to clean bathrooms or dust no matter what day of the week it is I still call it Saturday Cleaning. Now my house is definitely ( I always spell that word wrong and the red spell checker line shows up, geez) in need is some major Saturday cleaning in fact I bet it needs a full week of Saturday's at this point. But am I going to spend the day with rubber gloves and Lysol? Yeah right.

Fact is I got a package in the mail yesterday so today is already spoken for. Yep I won a prize on the WhoDuKnit yahoo group, I correctly solved a mystery murder question (the only one out of 4 I even had a clue at solving) and the prize arrived yesterday. It's two 3 1/2 oz skeins of Pattons Classic Wool Merino in colors... and this is the best part... "That's Pink" and "Leaf Green" as well as a pair of Susan Bates size 8 knitting needles and a pattern. I won't tell you what the pattern is of (Jane don't tell either OK?) as i want to surprise you when the felted project is finished. But you can at least see a picture of the goodies.

So anyway my day today will be spent working on this project. As well as finishing up the one I started for the final contest prize. I am ready to attempt the felting process on that one. Still a little nervous that I will goof it up but I have to try right?

Also something else will have my attention today.


He came running in too excited to speak to show me his new shoes. Aren't they the cutest. Then I asked for a kiss and he leaned his head to me so I could kiss his Fuzzy head. LOL. Is it possible he is getting too big for Nana kisses already, say it isn't so. Then he went straight for the computer. Yeah he's not a baby anymore is he?

Aside from the felting projects I also have two other things I want to work on. One is my own design (not knitting or crocheting though) and the other is an idea I saw on another blog months ago. So I have plenty to do, guess those cobwebs can sigh in relief they have some time left to live. LOL

Here to hoping you can enjoy the weekend too and not have to spend it cleaning. However, if you have a stuffy nose I bet that PineSol will clear it out for you. Hahahahahahahaha

See you Sunday with more pictures of Adam and maybe my hair cutting ceremony and God willing my finished first felted project.

Psa 113:9 He maketh the barren woman to keep house, [and to be] a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.


Wendy said...

Oh my word..are you getting your hair cut?? I so need a hair cut, but the kids will get thiers done, when ever we get the money, before I get mine done...OK I am axiously waiting to see the projects...LOVE the cute...

Hope you have a wonderful day today.......

Anonymous said...

OH MY did you bring back memories. Saturdays was also cleaning at our house and Mom was not so nice about it either.

Oooooh pink and green yarn I'm jealous. OOOOooooooooo I can't wait to see what you make from it.


sailorcross said...

Yes, Saturday was cleaning day at our house growing up also. And then when I had a home of my own, kids of my own--I really became much more laid back.

In fact, I only used to REALLY clean when my mother was coming for a visit!! Once, when I decided to REALLY clean for no reason at all, my son asked me if Grandma was coming!!

Seriously though--I love your prizes!! So beautiful!! I can't wait to see your finished project!!

Enjoy Adam today!! They just grow up so fast. I can't believe my oldest is now 27!! Seems just like yesterday when he was born.

Oh--the hot pads--could you possibly send me the pattern or the link to the pattern? These would be perfect for my youngest daughter. She works in a restaurant in Texas while she is going to school, and she is constantly burning herself taking things out of their ovens!!

Have a wonderful, fun-filled day!!


hakucho said...

You'll do fine with the felting...just make sure the item has lots of room to move around in the washer. I learned that one the hard way ;)

Lil Knitter said...

I used to do Saturday cleaning days too...then I had kids. :P

My little nephew has those same shoes! They're so cute...don't stay on his feet too well though.

Can't wait to see your felting project!


Jane said...

Clean the house? You mean We're supposed to clean the house on Saturday? That's just plain silly - when would we have time to knit?

Maria said...

OOOOH! Pretty yarn colors!!! Felting is not hard, you'll be amazed the first time. It's fun and can get addicting! How are you? ;)

Turtle said...

sounds like a good day! mom made it!

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