Friday, May 2, 2008

Saturday Smiles

Yes it's Saturday and I am actually smiling... I am starting to feel relief in my foot. Maybe even by morning I will be able to walk without the walker again. Thanks for all the prayers.

I finally put the contest rules etc in the sidebar... along with a link to KatieO's Etsy store since she is donating the first weeks prize.

Since May 1st started on Thursday I am carrying over the comments from this week to combine with next week.

Adam didn't come today, he had an appointment to have his ears/hearing checked. I think I will get him in the morning and he can spend the day here.

I know the blogging has been pretty lame lately, still like a fish out of water without the stuff stored on the desktop computer, but I am slowly working on getting things added to this laptop.

I think I'll end the blog today with a little rhyme...

When life seems hard and your yarns in a knot
When your head is pounding and the car won't start
Remember you're not alone, God loves you a lot
Your name is forever tattooed on His heart
He can untie whats tangled and make it right
He can bring healing to all of your pain
Turn the darkness into a brighter light
And bring a rainbow after the rain

God Bless you all


Anonymous said...

I am so glad you are back and foot is feeling better.


Katie O said...

So glad to hear you are better... i can tell from your posts that you are better today. Can't wait to see who wins and which markers they pick!!! YEA!!! :)

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