Friday, May 16, 2008

Can You Find It Friday

Well Friday is here. Are you all TGIF people or is Friday just another day for you? I never really was a TGIF girl, even when I worked full time outside the home. I LOVED my job and still miss it most of the time. Friday's just meant I was going to have to do a zillion things over the weekend, like laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, opening the mail from the week, paying bills... yeah you get the picture. I actually looked forward to Monday's instead. I guess I am a backwards person. Actually the better word would be peculiar.

I guess one good thing about not working is I can basically knit whenever I want. However yesterday I didn't want to very much. Can it be possible I have had too much of a good thing? NO it can't be. I think I was just feeling a little off yesterday. I did work on the mystery KAL and still have no clue what this will be, but it's pretty. Guess what color I am using? When it's finished I'll post some pictures... maybe I'll post progress pictures and see if you can guess what it is from the different stages. If I remember to take pictures that is. We all know how my memory has been these last couple months.

Oh I was blog hopping yesterday and found a couple funny stories you might enjoy... One was a fellow knitter getting super glue in a very odd place here's a link to the blog Shut Up I'm Counting

Another blog had an opening statement in her blog header that I just loved. You can see it here Glamour and Grit

There were more but I'll save them for another day. Don't want to overload you especially with todays contest assignment, LOL


I like to take Friday and remind you that those who comment here have some great blogs too and if you haven't visited them yet this is a good time to check them out. I have been to all the blogs that have left comments on Monday through Thursday and chose a picture of something being knitted or already completed by that blogger.

Your assignment is to find where this partial picture came from. Post your answer in the comment section and receive another entry in this weeks contest.

Now as you know there are no contest assignments over the weekend, but I will continue to blog daily anyway because of my commitment to being a 365'r blogger. So when I do the random drawing any comments received over the weekend will also be counted.

I will announce the winner on Monday's blog as well as the next prize to be won. So make sure to come back Monday as the winner might be YOU.

Well Adam comes again today. I wonder what we will be doing, I haven't a CLUE, lol.
Tomorrow we have a surprise birthday party for my sister in law, she's turning 30.
I might also get the gray color out of my hair and maybe even a hair cut too.
Saturday night is the NASCAR all star race (my favorite driver who retired this year will be in it)
Sunday is church (this I am looking forward to)
Sometime in between there I need to get groceries, do dishes and more laundry. My bed needs to be changed and where is the vacuum???

Yeah tell me why again we are supposed to look forward to weekends?I don't see a whole lot of relaxing there, do you? Yep I am peculiar.

1Pe 2:9 But ye [are] a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light:


Wildflower said...

You took that pictures from this: .

Katie O said...

you got it from GrammieKnits(jane)'s blog of the Hemlock Ring Lap Blanket... :) You sound like you are doing good. I finished my first Baby Surprise Jacket. It was really fun.

Mary Ann said...

All I see is a black box where the picture should be! Oh well, that's ok!

Just dropping in to say hi. I'm kind of down today because I gained for the second week in a row! I'm not a happy camper today.

Have a great weekend!

Wendy said...

That is a picture of the blanket on "Jane's" blog. I too love to go check out blogs from people who have commented on other's blogs...I do not usually get any new ones so I use everyone else's for my blog hopping....Hope you have a wonderful day (I agree I do not like weekends)

Jane said...

Yup - it's my Hemlock Ring Lap Blanket. I'm flattered to be in your contest LOL.

Lil Knitter said...

I know it wasn't me cuz I've been a bad blogger lately.

Weekends are a love/hate thing. I don't have to get up early but that's also the big cleaning days. Oh well, can't have it all I guess.


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