Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Make Room for another Contest Week

Good Morning everyone. It was pretty quiet here over the weekend, I am guessing that's because you were all spending time with your mom, children, grandchildren, grandparents etc. I did.

Saturday I went to a mother daughter luncheon with my mom. I don't have a daughter so I didn't bring anyone with me. My sister Dayna was there with her two daughters as well. My sister Erin (who by the way is doing so so so good now. She looks alive again and smiles again and thank You Jesus is free from the bondage her new husband was enforcing on her) was supposed to come but at the last minute had to go home because of discipline problems with my nephew Colin. They had delicious food, lots of fruit for me. The desserts looked almost sinful LOL. I did have a couple, it was Mothers day after all.

Sunday I went to church, and my husband took Adam to the circus. I didn't go it was just not happening with recovering from the gout and other female issues in full swing. Church was nice, our worship leader is in Israel, so we sang along with an old CD that reminded me of our early church years before we had live music. It's hard to believe I've been going to this church now for 20 years. After church my mom stopped by and brought me some lunch. Then later that afternoon Adam and his mom Angie come over to visit me. They stayed until about 9pm, mostly because we ordered them a pizza to take home and the delivery took longer then we hoped. But it was a nice visit.

This ended up being quite a busy weekend for me and I was TIRED. Went to bed early last night and it felt good. And that's why this blog is started so late. Oops.

OK Now to do the random draw for last weeks winner... And the Winner Is...............
The generator picked number 22 out of 33.
Congratulations. You will be getting to pick out a set of stitch markers from KatieO's Etsy shop. Can't wait to see which set you choose.

This weeks prize will be a dishcloth pattern of your choice from Rachel's site. You might want to visit her site often this week, she has so much to choose from it might be hard to decide. LOL. Only one though, LOL.

OK Onto CONTEST stuff for today...

Monday is QUESTION day

Did you give or receive anything for mothers day that was knitted or crocheted related? What was it? This can include new yarn or needles etc.

Tell us about it in the comment section for an entry in this weeks contest.

Well I guess I have babbled on long enough today, it's after 9am and you are all probably wondering why I haven't blogged yet.

Have a wonderful Monday, and remember Jesus wants to carry those burdens for you, why not let HIM?

Psa 55:22 Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.


Wendy said...

Congratulations Maryann........I did not get or give anything fiber related. My gift to my mom was dinner, and then my father bought me a dozen white roses, from the kids to me.

Mary Ann said...

Wow, Kathy! Thank you! I never win anything! I really like the Rustic Earth Stitch markers! I love the yellow in them.

In answer to today's question, yes, I got yarn! Not just one skien, but $50 worth! My dd, Denise and her bf, Tim, took me to Michaels and let me pick out what I wanted! I was in heaven! I got yarn for a baby blanket, cotton yarn for my dishcloths, pink worsted weight for a kitty bag that I'm making for someone, some beautiufl varigated Paton's wool and some novelty yarn that they were clearing out! How lucky am I? Very!

It sounds like you had a very nice Mother's Day! That's great! So did I! I got to ride on the back of my yds's new motorcycle! Then he took me, Denise, and Tim out for brunch at I Hop. Becca came over later and cooked me a wonderful WW dinner! My oldest dd called, my oldest son sent a card, and today I received a card from my stepson.

Please put my friend on your prayer list. She's being operated on tomorrow for breast cancer. I spent the afternoon with her. She's scared. They have caught it very very early so the prognosis is very good. I told her that I have been putting her on prayer lists and she cried.

See you after my club tomorrow. Have a great evening!

Lil Knitter said...

Congrats, MaryAnn!!

The closest thing to knitting related was a cute little blue bag with a polka dot bow my oldest son gave me to carry my knitting around in. You just can't have too many bags.


Jane said...

I made my daughter a felted bag for Mother's Day(can't believe I didn't take a picture of it - I take pictures of EVERYTHING!) It was a booga bag style, but a little bigger with a cell phone pocket in tan/brown/

sailorcross said...

Mother's Day was very quiet around here. My youngest lives in Texas (but she'll be home for 10 days the end of this week!). So, I received a very nice phone call from her. We'll go shopping while she's here so I can pick out osmething for Mother's Day.

My middle daughter came to visit with a friend. She had picked out a card where she recorded her own voice saying "Happy Mother's Day, I Love You!" She's just moved out on her own and is keeping her bills all up to date, and I told her that fact alone was present enough for me!!

My oldest, my son, just gave me a hug and said, "I love you, Mutti!" He's called me Mutti since he was in 7th grade.

Just knowing that my children love and care for me is present enough.

I sent an e-mail card to a friend's mother for Mother's Day since my mom and grandmom have gone to live with Jesus. My sister lives there, too. Come visit me at my blogspot: www.

I hope all had a wonderful day!!


Katie O said...

Congrats Mary Ann!! She has picked out a beautiful set. I am currently traveling and have already been in touch with mary ann and informed her of the situation. She is very understanding about my crazy work schedule!! Thanks Mary Ann!!

Wildflower said...

I gave my mother a nice crocheted potholder for Mother's Day.

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