Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Something Smells

Yeah I thought that title would get you over here looking? LOL, hmm should I have a surprise contest today to guess what I am smelling? No that wouldn't be fair because I am pretty sure you wouldn't guess in a million years.

Let's see a few hints...
1- It's NOT a dirty diaper
(Yesterday Adam actually stayed in underpants all day right up until bedtime and only had one accident, it's a real breakthrough)

2- It's NOT cookies baking
(Wish it was as I am craving sweets in the worst way this week. Besides I need a new cookie sheet if I want to bake something like cookies, my cookie sheet now is so old it needs help, lol)

3- It's NOT fish
(Yep DH has once again been spending every waking moment that he is not working down at the river fishing, but he never brings home any fish... hmm should I be worried? Nah no one in their right mind would eat a fish out of the Hudson river these days, LOL)

So what pray tell is left for me to be smelling? Are you closer to figuring it out?

What you want more clues??? Oh Ok

4- It's NOT a cleaning product
(But there is a hint of a Christmas tree pine scent to it)

5- It's NOT lotion
(But there is a softening effect from the source of the smell)

6- It's NOT fruit
(Even though Adam has some apples right in front of me, I really can't smell them at all)

Go ahead take a guess, you have until tomorrow.

One last hint, there are three distinct smells to this scent, the first initial of each scent is
P, E, & P.

The first P you should be able to figure out pretty easily.

Honestly though don't fret over it, just take a guess if you feel up to it.

I added a couple contests again to the side bar one is ending today so head on over there, you might just win.

Adam's new word of the day is ridiculous. Isn't that just the coolest thing? Now he wants to go outside and catch falling leaves, how do you explain to a three year old it's not the right season to do that?

Off to play, have a wonderful day everyone.
Psa 104:19 He appointed the moon for seasons: the sun knoweth his going down.


Mary Ann said...

I was going to say a room deoderizer until you gave those three first letters! Guess I don't have a clue!

I'm taking a break from my knitting. I've finished my second cemo hat!! I started the cat dishcloth from the dishcloth calendar. I'm up to row 40, I think. Ran into a problem on the Bronte Mitts. Think I may have written the row down wrong, but don't feel like checking right now.

For some reason, I'm feeling very tired. It's only 10 pm, but my eyes are wanting to close. Maybe it has something to do with the pollen.

Hope you have a great Mother's Day tomorrow! Denise stopped over for a little while this evening and said that she and Tim have a little something planned. Don't have a clue what.

Happy Mother's Day to you and everyone who comments here!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm no idea. I love fish, but not sure I would eat it out of the Hudson either. LOL.


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