Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally Friday... Find the FO

It's the weekend and a Holiday weekend at that. So does anyone have any plans? I remember back in the day when my kids were young we were at the campgrounds in our travel trailer for the long weekend. Yeah a vacation for everyone except ME. I had to unpack everything, make up all the beds, stock the frig, wash up the dishes from storage, clean the bathroom you get the drift? While I was doing all this my dear husband would be starting up a campfire and watching the flames from his camp chair. The boys were running around looking for other children, wanting me to get them their bikes, find their missing toys blah blah blah. Oh and now it's almost Noon and they are all wanting me to fix lunch. I haven't even sat down yet. {{{Sigh}}} tell me again why we stopped camping, it was so relaxing. But what I did love was when we stayed there for a week or two continually, we got into a routine. And there were three, yes THREE, large built in swimming pools. That is almost HEAVEN to me.

This may be blasphemy but I would almost give up YARN if I could have access to an in ground pool year round again. I swear my mansion in Heaven will be underwater. Growing up in California I believe I am 60% fish and now living in New York I am a fish out of water.
There just aren't enough warm days to swim out here, and if it's warm enough there is probably a thunder storm lurking around the corner to ruin it.

Can you tell I do NOT heart NY???

All that said I find it amazing that I am actually thinking of taking Adam camping sometime. yeah I must have brain damage.

Adam did not come yesterday after all but he called me a few times on the phone. And he IS coming today, he just called again.

Yesterday was a guess day... I hate to admit ti but there were 77 balls or skeins of variegated yarn and that doesn't include the specialty yarns like my Strata self striping. I have some serious stash to use up.

Today is Friday time to find the FO posted on the blog of one of our friends who commented this week. The picture is below. Have fun searching the other blogs and remember to leave a comment to tell them you were there, if you are anything like me it really brightens up your day when someone comments on your blog.

Here's the picture

Post your answer in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest. Remember Saturday and Sunday there are no contest assignments but if you happen to check in and comment over the weekend I will include those comments in the random drawing for the winner.

I found my notes on the slipper sock pattern I lost yesterday so I already knitted up one and a half slipper socks. I will finish up the pair today and hopefully finish another one as well. I also need to make about 30 more fish to finish the afghan, and then I can work on the squares I have left into one more. That will give me a total of 8 completed blankets for VJG and I believe I have one more coming from a friend in the mail. I was hoping for 10 by June 1st. I am hoping for a miracle. But even so, 9 donated blankets is still GREAT. I have wanted to donate for years and never follow through, this year it's getting done.

Well Papa just left to get Adam so I better get ready.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Jhn 14:2 In my Father's house are many mansions: if [it were] not [so], I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.


Wendy said...

Bethtoons, is where the picture is is a mini sock...
I remember camping, I mean really camping in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, we camped in tents, with the bear digging in the trash cans at night...there was no electricity and certainly no pools. I sure miss those days (sure my mom doesn't, dad would fish and she had 3 little ones to try to entertain one in diapers)
Hope you get that 10th afghan, I could help you out, if I had the money to send it to you...I still have boxes of squares.
Hope you have a wonderful day...BIG HUGS

Jane said...

Just visited Bethtoons blog - what fun! We did some camping when my kids were small - same experience as yours! Now my grandkids have a 'camp' - which means a cabin on the lake - indoor plumbing, generator, boats, jet skiis, but it's the same thing - my DD works all weekend cooking, etc. while they play - some things never change!

Lil Knitter said...

I had no idea but now I'm going to visit Bethoons and check out her blog.
We wanted to go camping this weekend but I know it's gonna be super crowded so that's out. It was probably booked up early anyway.
We might make it to my sister's for some swimming though...that'll be fun.
You've done an awesome job with the afghans...I know they really appreciate it and the kids just love them.

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