Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday- What's Going On?

That is only about 1/10th of the backyard at my MIL's house it's beautiful up there and Adam had a ball. It's hard to even remember now but this time last year he was in a full body cast. Amazing how fast they heal, children. I wish I could heal that fast now. Can you see that slide in the upper portion of the picture, they call that area "The Witches Forrest". Hmm maybe that's why Adam is running away? They also had a play house there and Adam said there was a giant spider in there that wanted to EAT him. Yeah he has no imagination.

Well I got in my workout yesterday. After 10 hours sitting in uncomfortable chairs working at the polls I came home expecting to rest and relax. I got home and since it was late I thought I'd help DH by bringing in the dog with me. That was a fiasco. First I noticed the gate was open so I had to walk to the gate first and close it, then back into the garage maneuvering around the two cars and the motorcycle to shut the garage door, then back around the vehicles to get to the back door to shut that, all while tripping over a yelping overweight beagle that wanted to go inside. Then I unhooked the dog, again around the vehicles to the side door, and out we go. I have a duffel bag and a HUGE water mug (see picture on yesterday's blog) in my hands, I walk to the house and climb onto the back deck, but I still need to latch the gate as the dog can push it open, the dog is still barking quite loudly and frequently and the cat is sitting in front of the gate not bothered in the least (he's deaf now)but I am trying to latch the gate and it won't line up and the dog won't shut up and I am getting frazzled, out of breath, tired... blah blah blah. I yell at the dog to shut up as I poke a hole in my thumb with the rusty hook. My DH comes to the door as this all finally ends yelling at ME. Come on!!! I had his dinner cooking in the crock pot while I was at the polls and one of my children unplugged it, {{{sigh}}}} I planned on cereal for my dinner but there was NO MILK. Nighttime eating wasn't as planned but today is another day right? But the rusty nail hole in my thumb now that’s another story aall together, lol. How does one knit successfully with a Dora The Explorer bandaid on her thumb?

I did get a little knitting done at the polls, mostly though I was helping a co-worker there re-learn how to knit. A couple more pieces to my current blanket, the swatch from yesterdays pattern and a hot pad.

Contest stuff:

Yesterdays pattern the Blanket Rib was pretty easy. Wendy to answer your question I made a small swatch by casting on 21 (20 for the even number +1 more) It made maybe a 4” swatch. I gave it to my co-worker so when she practiced at home she would know what it was supposed to look like so I have no picture. It is a very think sturdy stitch and would make a nice scrubber or dishcloth.

Wednesday is RIDDLE DAY

Well if you’ve been reading my blog then you might know

What I’ve been knitting and watching them grow

They are the same but yet each one different too

Soon I hope to share a final picture with you

I have many but not enough to make my goal

But there are too many to fit into a bowl

A hint it’s for the VJG kids, and it’s my wish

To make them an afghan with all knitted ???

Post your answer to this riddle in the comment section to receive another entry into this weeks contest. You don’t have to be correct you just need to comment. I’ll reveal the correct answer on tomorrows blog.

Angie called today and Adam is coming off the bus here today. I knew yesterday she was going to ask and after yesterday I planned on saying NO. I really need to rest can’t risk the foot to hurt again but I am weak, I said OK.

Well I went to blog this and I have no Internet, what is going on??? And what is it with the loud, very loud cricket sounds coming from the kitchen, and why does the cat think my personal bedtime pillow is his special place to sleep, and last what's going on with the 30 missing dinner plates??? Does anyone have a clue as to why these things are happening? WHAT'S GOING ON???

Psa 71:1 In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.


Katie O said...

Fish! wow, sounds like you were super busy!! I am hoping to do some traveling, so I might miss the rest of this month. I'll be here in spirit!

Anonymous said...

Fish :)

Lil Knitter said...

Her yard looks beautiful...wish mine was all green and pretty like that.
I can't keep a band aid in this house to save my use em up for every little thing. lol


Wendy said...

OH boy if I got caught putting on a Dora bandaid, Brooke would be really mad...
Fish is the answer and thanks for the tid bit on the stitch...
Hope your day goes better today...
Big Hugs

ikkinlala said...


I have no ideas about the crickets or the plates, but I'm guessing the cat takes over your pillow just because he's a cat. All of the cats we've had have had that kind of attitude, anyway.

Jane said...

I'm sure you were glad when that day was over!

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