Monday, May 19, 2008

Make Room For Monday

Yes God is always working on our insides and that's what matters, right?

Now who is that behind that humongous mug of ice water? Why that's Adam of course. He loves ice water as much as I do now. My boys love water too. I guess it's true your kids develop tastes that are similar to yours. At least with water it's been true in my life. Isn't that mug awesome? Shelly sent it to me, she got it for a bargain price of $1.50.

Water is such a good thing to wash out the insides, don't you think?

So on the inside theme here is this weeks CONTEST question?

I am sure you have a lot of stash, what is your favorite way to de-stash?
1) Knit or crochet it up
2) Give it away
3) Hide it so your SO won't notice when you buy more, lol
4) Stash? What is Stash? I am in a drought. :(

Post your answer in the comment section and receive an entry in this weeks contest. The prize will be 2 balls (231 yds each) of Knit Picks essential fingering weight sock yarn. Here is a picture only the color is Burgundy not green. I didn't have time to take my own picture yet so I used the one from KnitPicks web site.
Now for the winner of last weeks contest. I wish I had enough money to give you all a free pattern for playing, maybe one day I will win the lottery or something and for those who have stayed with me through it all I will for sure be blessing you all. You make blogging so much fun. Thank you

But I digress... the winner last week was MELANIE. Melanie email me with your pattern choice and I will let Rachel know and she will email it right out to you. CONGRATULATIONS.

Thank you everyone for playing and sending over your friends too, I hope you are all enjoying the contest and will continue to play. I saw some new faces this past week and that's what keeps me going.

Love you all
Have a wonderful Monday.

Phl 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform [it] until the day of Jesus Christ:


Wendy said...

I would have to say "1"...Mostly crochet, that is only because I have been doing it for so long, that I can get more done that way, BUT I sure am enjoying the knitting and I am actually doing a Lace work KAL cloth, (pat pat) I am so proud of myself for venturing into the unknown.
My kids also love water, funny though, I do not drink that much of it, but have always given it to them....
Hope you are having a beautiful day....

Mary Ann said...

I'm crocheting and knitting kitchen scrubbies and dishcloths with my stash, not that I have a lot of stash anymore!

Congradulations Mel!!

My girls like water too, and juice! You do pass on to your kids!

Have a great day!

Shannon said...

What a great question! Ironically it came just a few days after I spent several hours sorting through my yarn and trying to make it all fit in the dresser I have for yarn storage (totally didn't work so I now have baskets of yarn sitting around).

In a perfect world, I would de-stash my knitting up LOTS of projects and giving most of them away. Seeing as life almost never cooperates like I want it to, I deal with it mostly like I mentioned above. What fun to look it all over and dream of new projects though! :)

ikkinlala said...

I don't have a huge stash (I've only been knitting for a couple of years, so it hasn't had a chance to build up too far yet), but I'll pick option 1 because that's why I have yarn. Unless I'm giving a gift of yarn for another reason, not just because I need to clear things out, I prefer to give away FOs rather than yarn.

Jane said...

I'm trying to knit it all up (a little crochet along the way too), but it just keeps growing. I don't know how that happens! If I live to be 100 I may be able to knit it all up - that is if I don't add to it, and the odds of that are not good!

Sonya said...

If I can't imagine being able to use it in the next 6 months or so, I will give it away.

Water is the best way to go. Saves money too, when eating out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, do I have a STASH!!! Right now, I've brought boxes that reams of paper come in at my work. I've finally sorted through--alpaca with alpaca, cotton with cotton, etc.

And, I've signed up with two projects, the Ghana Project and Hugs4Hope to try to not only destash myself, but to help others also.

There is always room for more love in this world, and there is always room for more yarn in my room!!


Lil Knitter said...

OMG! I was just reading along not expecting that surprise! Woo Hoo!
Thanks for congrats everyone!

I'll email you as soon as I decide...thanks so much AK!

I love that mug...I actually had one of those but I think one of the kids has claimed it now. It's great that you all love's good for you.


Katie O said...

I try to knit it up... or give some away... and I also buy yarn for myself and then hide it so i don't feel guilty about it... lol!! Anti Stash behavior!! I guess I'm a little of all of them, except the drought.

CraftyCarole said...

I knit as fast as I can. Even while on door duty at my job (I teach school) all the kids know me as the knitter. dishcloths, laprobes for the church weavers of wellness, blankies for project linus and all my gifts. I love to knit!

sailorcross said...

I can't believe I spelled my name wrongt--It's warmHarte--not warnHarte!!!

Oh well--such is life!!

Have a wonderful day!!

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