Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FRIDAY Find The Mystery Picture Day

Well it's Friday finally. I feel like this week has put me through a ringer. Today was just CHAOS. I am thinking I should have stayed in bed. LOL

My sister Erin came by tonight, she made me some dinner just because she loves me, she said. All I can say is she looks like a different person already and her husband has only been gone 2 days. I am so so happy. Now as long as he doesn't charm his way back again all should be good.

I sold another pattern from Etsy today. What a fiasco, I can't access the patterns from the laptop and couldn't find it on my old computer. So I had to re-write the pattern up and then get it on WORD, and of course I didn't trust my quick write up so I also had to quickly knit it up to make sure it was right, lol. Yep that's how my morning started. Bet you wish you were me huh?

I saw the cutest pattern on Ravelry today it was a change purse made out of the mini knitted socks. I saved it in my queue but I'll probably never get to them because the pattern is $10.00 but I can dream right?


Below is part of a picture of a finished project completed by someone who commented here this week. See if you can remember who it was or what the picture is of and post it in the comment section to receive another entry in this weeks contest.

Remember Saturday and Sunday are free days, so to speak, I will still blog but no contest stuff to do. However any comments made over the weekend will get you an entry. I will do a random generator selection and reveal the winner on Monday's blog.
I hope YOU win. {{{smile}}}

OK that said I am going to get ready for bed. Looking forward to a better day tomorrow, God knows it can't get any worse.

Lam 3:22-23 [It is of] the LORD'S mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. [They are] new every morning: great [is] thy faithfulness.


Katie O said...

Lil Knitter! Its from her blog! Glad to hear you sis is doing better!! I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Lil Knitter said...

I know where that photo came from! ;)

Glad to hear your sis is doing so well...we'll keep praying things continue to go well.

I gotta go check out that little purse...sounds cute.

I hope you have a better day tomorrow...mine was kinda crazy today too.


Wendy said...

Lilknitters bag.......I have stuffed savedon both the laptop and desktop, and it can be a pai to remember what one something is on when I need it...I need one of those zip drives so that I can save to that and have it for both..
Hope your day goes better today..

Mary Ann said...

That's lilknitters bag!

Sounds like your sister is doing better. I hope it continues.

Yesterday was my crazy day! I even ended up leaving my paperwork from the historical society meeting in my friends car. So now I have to call her and ask her to bring it over so I can write up the minutes! Sometimes I'm such a ditz!!

Hope you're feeling better. Hope you have a good Friday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie!!! I am so sorry that chaos has entered. I am very glad your sister is looking so much better.

Hmmm could it be LilKnitter's bag?


Jane said...

Well obviously it's lilknitters bag!
LOL. I love your blog - what a lot of neat things you have going on there. Hope to see you often over on Whoduknit.
(whoduknit moderator)

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