Saturday, November 3, 2007

Saturday Cleaning??? Say it isn't so...

Saturday Cleaning... brings me back to my childhood. My mom would have my sister and I working all day on Saturday cleaning the house. This meant dusting, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, changing beds etc. To this day if I am planning on cleaning like that, regardless of the day, I call it Saturday cleaning. Oh I remember the little nick knacks my mom had, hundreds of them, we had to dust everyone. But it was fun re-arranging them again afterwards. I have some Saturday cleaning that needs to be done around here, don't want to though. I'd rather knit.

Speaking of knitting I learned how to use the long tail cast on method yesterday. I've been steering clear away from it, thought why did casting on need to be complicated? OK I have changed my mind. I LOVE it. Once I watched the tutorial video online (3 times) I had it down perfect.

Still working on the smileys (they are crocheted though)Adam thinks they are balls so after he goes home I need to find all the ones he took and threw around, LOL. I also made a couple small squares with a heart on them for a woman in one of the yahoo groups I am a member of, we are gathering the squares and making her a blanket, her husband of 44 years passed away October 31st.

Tried to get Adam to go to sleep last night, he sleeps on the couch, he was in the chair and kept saying "No, I'm not sleepy yet" Well I was sleepy, LOL. I finally got him to lay down just before 10pm. Hannah had him all pumped up playing with him earlier.

I made a beef stew in the crock pot yesterday and it was delicious. I love crock pot meals. That however is part of the reason I need to clean today... I can't wash the crock pot out until the clean dishes are put away and the new set of dirty ones are washed. The dishes just build up. I have no problem washing them all, I just want someone to put away the clean stuff. Looks like that someone is going to be ME.

Oh before I forget, I got some weird emails that I think were spam, but they looked like they were notices of someone commenting on my blog. So for awhile I am making all comments moderator approved and word verification. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, but it was spooky. I got 5 or 6 of these emails and there was nothing in the comments of my blog anywhere. Hope you will all still comment so I know you're out there.

Sounds like Adam is about to wake up. So I am going to sign off for now.

By the way my avatar is finally knitting for me. I wonder if my security was blocking her for some reason??

Have a great day.
Aunt Kathy


Mary Ann said...

Good morning Kathy! Your discription of Saturday cleaning day brought me back to my childhood. We had to do that too. I remember having to take all the magazines off the rack and polishing it with lemon oil. What a pain! But then I did the same thing to my kids on Saturdays. Everyone had a job to do to clean the house. With all of them cleaning, as well as me, we got the house in tip top shape in no time! Then they could watch cartoons or go outside to play.

Went to my WI yesterday and I'm down another 1.8 pounds! I can't wait till I get down to the one hundreds, only 2.2 pounds to go!

I was so busy yesterday that I didn't even sit down at the computer. My friend who is the vp of the historical society came by and we brainstormed about the Christmas parade. We came up with The 5 Golden Rings of History, the theme of the parade is the 12 Days of Christmas. It was a very productive day, but also very long.

Today I need to get my treasurers report ready for the meeting on Thursday. This will be the last report I have to do because the old treasurer is going to take the job so that I can be the secretary. Thank Goodness!! The current secretary is happy about this too because she hasn't been able to make the meetings, but will be on the board.

When I get that done, then I can sit down and crochet and relax. Enjoy your day!

Oh yeah, your avitar is knitting for me now too!

Lil Knitter said...

Speaking of Saturday cleaning...that's what I should be doing too but I don't want to either. lol
Maybe I will try that long tail cast on...I have also steered clear of it thinking it was too hard. I will have to find those online tutorials for sure.
Don't worry about the comment moderation, I would have done the same thing...sorry you got those creepy emails. We are still here though!

Wendy said...

I am still here and plan on being here, I have a few blogs that I have to do the word verification, so I don't mind.........Saturday cleaning.UGH!!! the house is trashed with toys everywhere, there are a few cobwebs here and there but today is going to be to gorgeous to stay it will have to wait. Dishes, they are my sore point, I also do not mind doing the dishes, but hate to put the clean ones away...I have someone in my household that thinks he has to use a different cup everytime, or a different spoon, fork what ever, everytime, instead of just rinsing off the one he has used, and setting it aside for the next drink or next cup of coffee........So the dishes are always piled up.......I for one use the same coffee cup, when the day is done I take the dish rag, put a little soap on it and wash my cup and set it on the counter for the next day....The kids love to "DO" dishes, only if they were really clean, I would be all set..
Have a great day....

Michelle said...

Ahhh the saturday cleaning deal!! I remember it all too well myself... :-) I'm remembering it in action today too... as I clean... :-)

Hope your day is Great AK!

Oh, and the password stuff won't steer me away, tons of the blogs I read have that...

Katie O said...

Sounds like my house too when I was a kid... I hate dusting and cleaning mini blinds... trauma's from being a kid I guess. We just moved, so the cleaning sorting and unpacking is endless!! ARGH! Hope you have a goo day and have good weather....

SimplyMe said...

Sounds like we are all in the same boat!!!! I just finished all the dishes the kids brought back to the kitchen....but wouldn't touch them until someone put the dry ones away!

Now it's off to the ole ironing board!

Whoo whooo?

annette2u said...

Hi like your blog also always interesting how we can continue to get the message out.
Hugs and blessings


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