Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Weekend

I think I will use this blog for both Saturday and Sunday... one because I am blogging so late and the other so I don't have to rush around before church tomorrow.

As you can see Adam was having some fun today with Papa playing with bubbles. What a cheap inexpensive way to have fun with the little ones, huh? He went home about an hour after that, so I know he went home happy.

He is starting to show a personality when he talks now too, with some funny expressions. Some of my favorites are... " Nope, not yet"... " Gamma, watch this"... and "Dam it, I made a mess" ( I am trying to get him to say Oops instead... hasn't worked yet) and my favorite is "I used my NOGGIN today".

I finished the Feline Fantasy cat cloth from the 2008 calendar... I think you can buy the pattern from Alli's blog store too

I also started a scarf today for a Christmas gift, I LOVE it. I made a couple small changes to the free pattern I got off of Knitting Pattern Central...

here is a picture of the work in progress. I hope to finish it tomorrow watching the race.

I haven't heard from prairie Chicken yet with her mailing address... I am going to have to go hunt her down, LOL.

Are we all wanting another Contest in December or should I wait until the New Year... or perhaps I can have it run the 2 months... maybe a little different then the others, not based on commenting everyday but maybe a few other things??? I'd love some feedback especially since we have seen a few other blog contests in action.

I tell you I think I am drinking about 100 gallons of water a day with this wood stove going. I need a humidifier or something. I am just so thirsty and dried out.

Well I guess that's about it for me today. Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, don't forget to play in the contests that are about to end.


SimplyMe said...

Here I go again. Fill a pot for the stove full of water. Set it on the wood stove instead. It will evaporate and put some water in the air!!!!!!

Your nose will thank you.

zakkalife said...

the pencil scarf looks great! I always love to see what people do with the projects I post

enjoyed watching the yarn slide show



ikkinlala said...

I second kadezmom's suggestion. We keep an old pot full of water on the basement stove all winter (I love our wood stoves, especially the kitchen one, and I miss them when I'm away at school).

To answer your question about the contest: Purely from a selfish point of view, I'd rather wait until the new year. But I know not everyone is as busy in December as I am.

Lil Knitter said...

That looks like my TV on the days when my nephew is here. lol
I saw that scarf pattern and thought it was so cute but I just don't have time to do one for all the teachers. Can't wait to see yours finished.
We aren't picky about how you choose to the contest...we just love contests.
The pot of water on the stove is a very good should definitely give a try.

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy! I agree with what Kadezmom said. Put some water on the stove to put some moisture in the air. I can remember doing that when we had the gas heaters at home. It really helps.

I didn't get to stop in yesterday. I went to get my flu shot in the morning, then my friend and I went costume hunting for the Christmas parade again.

I need to slow down, because my knee isn't really healed yet. It was hurting so bad last night, and I could hardly get up and down!

Do you by any chance know anyone who has knee high argyle socks for a man to wear with nickers in the parade? Denise has a pair, but she paid $9 for them and doesn't want a bigger foot and leg in her socks! Can't say as I blame her.

Well, I'm off to crochet some more christmas balls and then work on the baby sweater.

I love the scarf! That is so cute!
I'll be watching the race today too!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh... I totally love the scarf and am going to make some :-) thanks for the idea.. now out to rake...

Wendy said...

Please do put a pot on the stove....It is actually healthier than a humidifier also, since it is easier to clean so no chance of bacteria building up. We use to use an old cast iron camping pot for ours. I myself think you should take a break until the New Year....Have finally started my little mans cardigan, for his Birthday next month. No money, so I will make him stuff and then of course the grandparents and aunts will fill in the blanks.
Have a great crafty day.

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