Friday, November 2, 2007

TGIF... I Guess

Here I am sleepy eyed, trying to blog without waking up Adam. So the TV's off, the lights are off and I am typing slow so the keys don't make too much noise.

I managed to watch Survivor last night and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader... I love that game show. First Jeff Foxworthy is funny all by himself and then you have adults stumped on a 1st grade animal science question, cracks me up. Last night Regis was a contestant. He makes me laugh too, so it was entertaining for sure. By the way Regis is not smarter then a 5th grader.

Oh I sat on the cat again this morning! I think CAT, or Alex as my sister thinks he should be named, has a death wish. Only I could have a suicidal cat, Geez.

My mom leaves today to fly to Indiana to visit my niece in college. She will be back sometime Monday night, so I will be watching Hannah and Colin (niece and nephew) on Monday for her. They are excited for some strange reason they like coming to my house. They are 6, but they love Adams toys. Hannah of course will want to knit. I have been teaching her.

Have any of you sent a spouse to the grocery store? I sent mine last night and for goodness sakes he was having a hard time finding the stuff... I had to map out the store for him over the cell phone... ok... walk to where the yogurt is, now turn to the left, take 10 steps and right there in that HUGE bin is the $1.00 bag of fruit loops cereal. Honestly I am not exaggerating, this went on for 15 or more items. LOL
Gravy? Yes I want beef gravy... savory beef, brown gravy, turkey gravy? Beef, Beef... just a cheap bottle or can... Do you want the good stuff? NO, just a $1.00 or less can of brown gravy. OMG!!!!

Oh by the way while this painful phone call was going on, Hannah was also behind me combing my hair and styling it. Can we say OUCH, it was all I could do to keep from crying out cause this would have confused my husband even more. LOL.

So anyone wish they were me last night?

I worked on making the balls part of the smiley ornaments for my sister yesterday. I got about 12 balls made and stuffed. Ran out of yellow so moved to pink, then I'll make some green ones, and white ones and blue ones. Once I make all the balls then I will start decorating them with faces and hats, I might even give some of them hair...

Did you all see who won Mrs B's loose change contest? Our very own Shelly (Kadezmom), that's who. Isn't that awesome. I guess having that link on my blog paid off, huh? So make sure if you find any other contests out there you let me know so I can link them.

I think that's all I got this morning. I hear the baby moving so it's perfect timing. I will draw the winner after Adam goes home this weekend and will post the persons name on Monday.

Have a great Friday and don't sit on the cat. LOL


Wendy said...

Of men and stores.....Oh boy, send a detailed list, still get calls, knowing what I usually always buy, but has to ask anyways. then comes back with even more than I sent him for. When it comes to grocery shopping he is compulsive. I remember the time I sent him to get diapers, of course he did not call me to inform me that if he bought 2 smaller packs it would be cheaper and we would get more, Oh no, he just went ahead and bought "exactly" what I told him, and then informed me of this when he got home. Could have shot him then.
Have a great day........

Katie O said...

yea, well, as of this moment, I think men are dumb. Long story that is just ridiculous. Hope you have a wonderful day!!! :)

SimplyMe said...

Are you sure you really wanted the CHEAP can of beef gravy, or was it turkey, or chicken, or, or, or, or, or..............

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