Thursday, November 8, 2007

I am here... sleeping but here

Oh man am I tired. I can't seem to sleep good even with the CPAP. Partially because my nose is plugging up and I can't breathe and I guess partially from stress and not eating right.

My mom has to have a brain MRI today so I will be watching Colin for a little bit. Then Adam comes and will be here until Sunday.

I figured out the Ravelry problem. I had to switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox instead. And once I did that everything was back to normal. I can't tell you how depressed that was making me. I was so frustrated.

Oh and I have finally been added to the designer database on Ravelry too. It's under my name Kathleen Brundige, as of last night I am on page 21 of the designers so far. 21 is my favorite number, LOL.

I am working on a couple dishcloths today. One is a picture pattern from the 2008 knitting calendar, and the other is a lace pattern that Sue from Harvest Moon made in remembrance of Janet's husband Dave who recently passed away. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Well I wish I had something good for you all today, I am just too tired to think.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

See you sometime tomorrow with hopefully something interesting to read.


1 comment:

Unknown said...

I look forward to seeing the pictures. I was hoping to get the pattern by Sue in remembrance of Janet's husband started today, but have run out of hours to do so.

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