Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Did You Miss Me???

Election day was LONG and tiring, but I love doing it. Not sure why? I like seeing my neighbors and I think it is so important to vote and voice your opinions. We should see voting as the privilege it is. It's not a hardship, but a right to freedom.

I brought some crocheting with me, I figured that would be easier to work on as I have to set it down quickly when someone comes in. Knitting is too risky, although I have knitted there before. I had some dish towels, so I crocheted tops onto them, I made 5 and gave two away to voters that said they loved them. I haven't made these in over 10 years.

Monday was my birthday and Hannah and Colin had homemade birthday cards in the folder with their school work... they were so cute, I took pictures of them and hope they will post here in a minute.
This is Colin's Front and Inside

And here is Hannah's Front, Inside and Back too

I also made 3 squares for Janet (the one who lost her husband) I took pictures of them as well.

Tonight is church and tomorrow Adam comes, so I need to keep my feet up today. Still suffering from TOM ( a month now, geez)which is probably why I have been so tired these days, or could it be I am OLD????

Ravelry is all messed up on my computer. All the words are jumbled together and I can't even read messages sent to me. It's weird. Is anyone else having problems?

Oh I found a couple more contests on blogs and they are listed on the right side in the other blog contest section. Check them out, we all love a contest right?

My mom is home and said the trip was wonderful. She goes tomorrow for the brain MRI, praying that they find no evidence of what they fear might be there.

My sister leave tomorrow to go see my niece, the one my mom was just with... it's family week at the college. I would have liked to go, but my life is crazy.

I guess that's about all for now.

Oh yeah... I wish everyone could be a winner... If I was rich... but the really BIG winner through all of this... is ME. I have met some great people through these contests and I am blessed. I pray that even if you don't win my mystery box that God blesses your socks off... or dishcloths... or shawls...LOL


Lil Knitter said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Those are such precious cards.
I have noticed something similar happening in Ravelry. It's mainly with the names listed with photos. They sometimes seem too large and run over the photos. Don't know what the problem is.
Time for you to get some rest...put those feet up.

JoanK said...

Happy birthday belated though it be - I've been playing catch up on blogs -- bad few days. Tomorrow after work I go to an ordination, so won't be checking anything till Friday - and I'll probably be exhausted from work then.

Cards from the kids are always wonderful and treasured.

Stay well

ikkinlala said...

Happy (belated) birthday!

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