Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's "B" Day.... Bridal Shower Day

Well it's B Day, LOL... and the question is, AM I READY? I guess sorta, kinda. The Smileys will probably not be finished, but I will have a few to wrap with a note that they are multiplying as we speak, lol. They just wanted some alone, private time, Hahahahaha

I have a few different dishcloths I have made from patterns I have wanted to try and KAL's too, I also have a matching set of the dish towels I crocheted on election day, and then I have the 2 patterns I wrote yesterday.

The first was made with white cotton, same pattern as I used for my BIL when he got married in August. But I never wrote up the pattern so I basically had to re-create it. It's nice, a little more rectangle shaped then I like, and will be great if you know someone named Erin who is marrying a Tom (LOL) but if you know how to make your own letters that part can be changed. Anyway here is the picture, I know you are on pins and needles, LOL

Then I got to thinking, I had a request from someone looking for double wedding bands, and why not adapt this pattern a little more so it's more generic... I decided to have two hearts side by side at the top, the interlocking wedding bands in the middle and one heart centered on the bottom.

My description... When God joins two hearts together in marriage, they become one.

I wanted the picture to stand out and since I don't know how to block yet, I test knitted this pattern in acrylic yarn, it holds it's pattern better without blocking. I actually used a light blue yarn but I changed the color to pink when I was cropping it, why? Because I LOVE PINK. LOL. Anyway, what will I do with this now? I think I will make another square, all knit or stockinette stitch, the same size and sew them together and stuff for a little pillow. Haven't done that yet, that's my project for this morning. Anyway, all that to show you this new pattern...

Both of these will be posted on my pattern blog as well as my Ravelry pattern design page.

Ok really I have to go knit, no time to play right now.

Have a wonderful day everyone
Aunt Kathy


Katie O said...

Very nice designs! You are so creative. have fun at the Bridal shower... i like the idea of a few in a box and then the note... so funny!!! :)

Lil Knitter said...

Nice job on the cloth and the "generic" turned out great. I love it. This one would be the perfect wedding shower gift. YGG!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, Great job on the dishcloths! The pink one is very pretty.

I hope you had fun at the shower.

I've been working on the baby sweater today, but I'm still feeling so tired.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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