Monday, November 19, 2007

Did you survive the weekend?

Isn't that the best picture??? I loved it, and it is so true too.

How was your weekend? Saturday was a bad day, but Sunday improved 100%. Maybe it was being in God's house among other believers, but I always feel refreshed and strengthened and ready to face Monday.

This week DH has off to hunt... but it's cold so he hasn't even gone yet. I just sent him to the grocery store. To spend more bill money of foods I need to have in the house. I needed to get him out of here for a few minutes... he was messing up my routine. That's why I am so late blogging today, LOL.

I typed up the butterfly pattern and emailed it to Shelly to test knit it, if anyone else out there crochets and can open a Word attachment I am happy to send to you as well to test for me. I have never written a crochet pattern so I could use the feedback.

I made some smileys yesterday and a couple yoyo's. I ordered some yarn from my dad sent me $45.00 for my birthday (ha now you know how old I am) and I spent it all on yarn. Maybe it will be delivered today, that would be awesome.

I miss Adam... I wonder if we will even get him this week at all. I am going to call there as soon as I publish this post. I haven't seen him since Saturday last week. Too LONG.

Sigh... I have dishes and laundry to do today too. Seems those things are never done anymore... they reproduce faster then I can conquer them.

Hope everyone is taking time this week (and everyday) to find things to be thankful for. Good or bad God is always there, He always provides and we should be thanking Him without ceasing. His love is enough to warrant that, if you ask me.

{{{HUGS}}} to all


Lil Knitter said... the turkey picture. Yes, that's so true.
I sure hope Adam comes over soon...that's too long to go without seeing him.
I would have done the same thing with my birthday money too. My sister asked what I wanted for Christmas this year and I said...A gift certificate to Hobby Lobby! You know what I will be getting with that. :)
Hope you had an awesome B'day!

Mary Ann said...

I did stay OP all weekend! I know Thanksgiving won't be that hard for me. Whenever I cook a big meal, I'm never that hungry when I sit down to eat, and not because I nibble!

I'm working on my 3rd sweater for the Little Fuzzies. The packing party is next week. Hopefully I'll get a 4th one done before then.

I hope that you get to see Adam today.

Have a great day!

SimplyMe said...


amen, amen, and amen.

Wendy said...

I will test your patter if you would like.......yup survived the weekend and another year.......No to see if I survive the week.....Stress is overwhelming me...Hope you had a great day oh and I know, I can not keep up with the dishes or laundry either.

Anonymous said...

Wow isn't it funny when dh's stay home how the routine goes out the window LOL.
Is he hunting for deer? Love deer meat, haven't had it in a while, dh hasn't hunted in a long time. LOL My sis just told me this morning that she got one.

P.S. I would be glad to test crochet for you.

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