Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's Sunday and I am blogging

Well I know I said I wasn't going to blog on Sunday's but I had to show the shower pictures, right? Besides I am up early. My husband (the hunter) couldn't find his cell phone this morning and felt the need to wake me up at 4am by calling my cell phone number instead of his. 30 minutes later he finally found it in the pocket of his pants from the day before. Um wouldn't that be the first place you'd look? He even suggested maybe our son took it, now why would he want our crappy cell phones when he has a razor phone??? I did go back to sleep for an hour maybe but had some weird dreams. I expect to sleep after church today for sure.

OK onto pictures...

First off meet my baby sister Erin... she is tiny, 5'2" and small in size all around if you know what I mean... so this picture is probably the biggest she's ever been, LOL

Of course they made the traditional bow bouquet, but not really enough bows so she wore it as a hat, as you can see she is thrilled about this accessory.

No Hannah on the other hand loved the hat and was thrilled to model it for everyone.

This gift is a trinket box, it had other boxes inside and a letter written by my Auntie Lorraine (my mom's sister). This box belonged to my grandmother who died over 20 years ago, and it had been handed down to her, so it's well over 100 years old. It was given by Grandma to Auntie Lorraine and she is handing it down to Erin... Erin is to pass it down to Hannah someday. It was a teary sentimental moment.

Erin loved the pillow, hot off the needles. I was actually an hour late. I got several compliments, several requests for some refrigerator towels and even more for the smileys. I'm gonna be so busy.

There were some nice gifts including a set of pans that are PINK and a portion of the purchase goes to Breast Cancer research. I of course love the pink pans.

I also decided I am going to make either squares or yoyo's for each pound I am losing and when I reach goal I will sew them all together into my victory/goal afghan. I was talking with Shelly about it and we thought maybe a square with a butterfly on it. We searched the web but couldn't find a free pattern we really liked, but there was one in a book for $8.00... I decided to see if I could invent my own version as I am eager to get started. This was my final result...
WHAT DO YOU THINK SHELLY? And everyone else of course. This would be my first original on purpose crocheted pattern.

Well how's all that for not usually blogging on Sunday's??? I am off to shower now and get some breakfast. I am really hungry. It was an emotional roller coaster yesterday and I was so tempted to just eat a loaf of bread to soothe myself but I didn't.

Looking forward to being refreshed in the house fo God this morning. One place I can be sure to feel His presence and love and strength to continue walking forward. I hope you all can find that today as well.

Aunt Kathy


Lil Knitter said...

Looks like it was a very nice time...your pillow is too cute..nice job. I don't blame little sis about the hat...don't think I'd be too thrilled wearing that one either. lol
Your butterfly square is awesome! I love it...If only I could get this dang crochet to work with me! Grrrr!
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

SimplyMe said...

OMGosh....and when are you sending that pattern to me? I dont' see it in my inbox!!!
oKay. I know you have issues with writing patterns the first time, so just tell me what you did...don't worry about proper crochet pattern verbage, I don't.


Hey. Tell Erin I wanna look as old as she does!!!! WHAT WAS SHE FREAKING OUT ABOUT?????????????

Tell her that before the wedding. Not that she'll listen, but trying is a good thing.

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