Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well the wedding was very nice, small but beautiful. Of course my sister was the sunshine that day. She was very happy.

Gary and I were both sick, (as the picture shows) but we still had a nice time. The brunch buffet was very good. I managed to stick with ym protein and veggie only plan and still had plenty to eat.

This picture is my sister Erin and her son Colin, he walked her in and gave her away too, it was so cute. Just before this picture was taken Colin ran in all by himself almost tripping and landing into the grooms lap. Then you heard the minister say "Colin, you are supposed to walk your mom in" and like a flash Colin ran back out, we all laughed.

This picture is as they were saying their vows. There is a huge golf course in the background. The girl in the red dress in my niece Autumn (maid of honor) and the other girl is my other niece Hannah (flower girl). And of course the groom is Tommy, Bride is Erin and Colin on the side.

We ended up picking up Adam after the wedding as they were all sick at his house too and they needed us to take him. I just brought him home a little while ago, and now I am ready to put my body aches and stuffy head under the covers and take a nap.

Been working on butterflies... I am going to make up a bunch of them first and then sew the square borders on afterwards.

I should be back tomorrow... with some pictures of my mom and other sister maybe. They'll probably kill me for it, LOL.


SimplyMe said...

Hey sicko!!!

Kickoff is in 23 more minutes and most of the food is ready.

I'm just going to assume you don't feel any better. I can see you are losing weight. Look at the pic of you and gary and then the one of you and adam in the slide show. I SEE IT!!!!

Love Gary's sweater. Tell Erin she looks both stunning and young. Colin looks so handsome. Audi looks awesome in that dress and Hannah is adorable. I love it. Can't wait to see your mom and Dayna.

Okay, time to go stir stuff again

Don't forget to post pics of butterflies soon too. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I hope you start feeling better. Your sister is a beautiful bride.


Mary Ann said...

Your sister was a beautiful bride. The wedding looked wonderful.

I was too busy to check here on Saturday or Sunday. I hope that you're feeling better today!

Katie O said...

I hope you are feeling better. I worry about you when you don't blog daily. Feel better soon... :)

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