Thursday, November 1, 2007

November 1st... The contest is over

Well it's done... I feel a little lost this morning. LOL

I will have another contest in december for sure. I am enjoying them. But I think I need a month to get my brain restored, LOL

I was hoping to get 2000 hits for the month of October and we were short by 273, we had 1727 hits... good news is there were 8 more then we had for the August contest, so it's an improvement, LOL. Maybe we can make the goal in December... now that I'm on Ravelry maybe it will generate a few more visitors, right?

I will make sure I have all the comments accounted for and then draw a winner hopefully this weekend... I will post the winners name and contact them on their blog as well (if you have one)to get mailing information etc.

I still have a few items I want to include in the mystery box so that will be mailed within 2 weeks, at least that's the plan.

Is my avitar picture knitting? I changed her to knitting (saw the option on Melanies blog, thanks)but when I look at my page she isn't knitting. Weird? Just wondering if she is knitting for all of you to see.

I never got to vacuum yesterday, so I hope to try the new machine out today.

Adam comes sometime today too. I am pretty tired, I think maybe it's from the flu shot I got last night.

My legs hurt today too, I did alot of walking yesterday, so they are screaming for a rest day today. Can legs really scream???

Been working on transferring my projects and stash etc. to Ravelry... trying to spend 20-20 minutes a day getting photos to flickr.

I think I mentioned yesterday I made a Scottie Dog pattern, well yesterday I made a second version. The first pattern is done with pattern stitches worked on both directions, and the second pattern has a knit across row every other row. I prefer the 2nd version myself, but some like the other. They are both on the pattern blog if you want to see how they came out.

My sister is getting married the day after Thanksgiving and she wants be to make her smiley face ornaments for her Christmas tree this year, so that's my new project, the bridal shower is November 17th... so times a wastin'...

Sorry this is short today, I really am tired. I might go back to bed for a bit before Adam comes.

See you all in the morning.

Aunt Kathy



Michelle said...


I'm so glad you posted today.. I hope the docs went well last night.. flu shot.. bleh... I know I need to get one myself.. especially with having the kids.. but yuck.. no fun!

Yes.. your avitar girl is knitting.. wonder why you can't see it?? weirdness..

Ps.. I hope i win! ;-)

Oh, and I wanted to talk to you about making christmas cloths for our Flygals... I can do some and thought maybe you'd be interested too...

Wendy said...

Yes she is knitting.....Trick or treating with the munchkins wore me out, I was actually asleep by 9:30...Of course woke up about 1:30 and went back to sleep after 3..Had to get up at 7 and now I am ready for bed again.. Maybe I can get a nap after I get Brooke. (HaHa)
Have a great day.....
MY fingers are crossed (I want to win so badly.........)
It would be a nice B-day present.

SimplyMe said...

uh. I'm a little lost today. I don't know what to comment without being directed. Yeah. Come and shoot me, okay?

Mary Ann said...

Hi Kathy, No your avitar isn't knitting on my computer. Wonder why others see it knitting? Strange.

I went up to Big Lots with my friend yesterday because they had yarn for $1 a skien. I bought 5 skiens of TLC cotton yarn with the money Denise gave me and two balls of the ribbon yarn with the money dh gave me. Money's been so tight that I really appreciate them giving me money to buy yarn!

Last night, I went to hand out candy at the Civic League Bldg, but we didn't have very many kids show up. We were very disappointed.

Becca had come the night before because she wasnt' feeling well, and she stayed all day. Her bf showed up to take her home and they ended up staying for dinner. When I got home from the candy give away, he was asleep on the couch and she was watching Halloween ghost house tours with her sister. She had started feeling somewhat better, but then started feeling sick again before going home. I hope she's feeling better today.

Well, I got my vacuuming done today. Now it's time for lunch and my stomach is telling me to eat. I need to get some crocheting done too.

See you tomorrow!

Lil Knitter said...

She is knitting...mine acts a little weird sometimes too...don't know why that is.
I think we're all tired today...all that walking with the kiddies last night. But as long as they had fun.
Definitely go take yourself a deserve it.
Going to check out the new designs...HUGS!

Mary Ann said...

Hey Kathy, I put a little quiz about myself on my blog. I thought it would be fun, and a way for other people to get to know me a little.

And your avitar still isn't knitting on my computer. Wonder why everyone else sees the knitting one?

Leigh Ann said...

Hi Kathy! She is knitting on my computer. That's cool!

We didn't have alot of kids neither, 23 and we normally get around 60. The weather was perfect! Maybe it was due to lack of time change! hehe

Get some rest and have a great weekend!

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