Thursday, November 22, 2007


Thought I'd brighten up your day with a couple Thanksgiving pictures I received in emails this year.

Yes the mittens and hat came out pretty good. I made the hat first and quickly realised I didn't have enough blue to make 2 mittens that's why I decided to split them half white and half blue. The pattern for them was from Crochet Central
The mittens (Bev's marvelous Mittens) were here
The hat (Bev's Family Hat) was here

Thank you for the Twinkletoe's link. I just love them. I am a little nervous though as I have never used double pointed needles. But as soon as I get a pair I am going to try them. I wish I could try them before Christmas.

My sister is cooking Thanksgiving today. I have a butternut squash here my mom was supposed to take and cook but she never got here to get it. I guess I will see if I can figure out how to cook it myself. If I don't blog for awhile I probably cut off my hands trying to peel the think, LOL.

I saw my niece Autumn for about 5 minutes yesterday, She is home for Thanksgiving and my sisters wedding tomorrow. Looks like when the semester is over she will be coming back home, she doesn't like the college out there and wants to go to a local college here in NY. Same school my son will be going to when he comes home from Chicago in December. Maybe the kids are having the empty next syndrome instead of the parents. Huh?

Well I am off to get some breakfast, find a recipe and watch the parade. I'll check back later to see who was here.


Lil Knitter said...

That last picture I've never seen before...I really like the Sesame Street one though..too funny!
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

SimplyMe said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tell Audi I said hi, hell, tell your whole family hi!!

Good for you, makin' that squash. Goooooooooood thinkin'

We're still about 45 min from eating. Everyone is here (kinda - at hotel swimming) I added pics to ravelry of current projects. Ain't today amazin'

Tell Erin to relax, and give her a big hug for me!!!!!

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