Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May 1st... It all begins today

Ok first


In California May Day (May 1st) was the day you gave or received anonymous flowers from someone. I don't think they do that here in New York though, at least it hasn't happened even once since I moved here in 1980.

Here is where I'd put up a really pretty picture of flowers for each of you except I can't. I am actually blogging from the laptop and I have no pictures stored on here yet nor do I know how to store them here yet so my hands are tied. So close your eyes and picture your favorite flower, can you smell the fragrance too? Well consider them a gift from me, OK?


Today is day 1 of my month long contest for May. I plan on having a winner at the end of each week like I have done in the past. This weeks winner, thanks to KatieO will receive a set of handmade stitch markers. I'd link you to Katie's blog and Etsy store but I don't know how to get that info yet since it's all saved on the desktop computer, LOL.

Today's assignment is:


What is one thing you would like to add to your knitting supplies/gadgets/etc?

Post your answer in the comments section and receive an entry in this weeks contest.

I'll have more information added to the sidebar tomorrow about the prizes etc.

Adam came today, he fell down a flight of stairs. His mom said he tripped on his shoelaces. Thank God he was only scraped up no broken bones. I know there were Angels watching over him today. After the emergency room he wanted to come to Nana's. He played on the computer all afternoon, he is really good at navigating around now, a pro for sure. I can't believe how fast he grew up on me.

Ok I'd love to stay on here and play more but I am tired and need to get to sleep.

I should know results from my blood work tomorrow hopefully it's all good. I'll keep you all posted.

Luk 4:10 For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee:


Katie O said...

HELLO!!!! So is this the new laptop you have been waiting for, that you are using?? I sure hope so!! Heee hee... For those posting, I will post my blog and etsy shop here so you can look at the markers. You can pick any of them, or let me know if there is a color scheme you are interested in, and I'll play around a bit! I'm always open to suggestions...

Katie O said...

Oh yea, i didn't answer the question!! ha ha... hmmm, what would I add?...

i would add an i-cord maker thingy... embellishknits, I think it's called. i don't really make them very often, but it looks like fun. or some looms.. I've wanted to try that for awhile too. :)

Mari said...

Blocking wires!

I have yet to block my stole from Sotsii because I have none.

I really should get me some. :)

Wendy said...

Yea for the laptop...It is actually so easy to use....I love mine (was hubby's) now for the add to collection..
DPN's, point protectors, needles case, long straight looms, MORE WOOL, a good bbok on how to learn to knit in the round...I guess that is it for now....OH wait a ROOM for ME and all my goodies.
Hope you have a blessed day........

Mary Ann said...

Good morning! So happy that you have your laptop!! Have fun learning how to use it!

What would I want to add? Since I'm a newer knitter, there's a lot of things I don't have---point protectors, markers, needles(actually have a bunch, but not enough short ones in the #'s I need for scarves or hats), long looms! Take your pick!

Now I'm off to check out Wendy's markers! Have a great day! I've finished my Quant and I've started a crocheted cable purse that I want to get going on this morning.

Kenyetta said...

That had to have been so scary! I am glad Adam is ok. I have had both of mine fall- one broken arm.
I would to add a stitch holder. I usually use a piece of yarn.

Happily Knit said...

I would love to get a nice set of blocking equipment. Board, pins, wires, you name it. It's interesting to think of though...there's so much I'd like to add to my stash of goodies! Cute contest & blog btw, found you through rav. :)

Lil Knitter said...

Oh no...I'm glad there were no broken bones...he really must have an angel watching over him.

I definitely need some blocking wires and pins, maybe sock blockers, you can't have too many stitch day, I want a really nice bag, like a Jordana Paige *sigh, someday*


Anonymous said...

Oh I am so glad he didn't get hurt. Wow!!!!


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