Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's finally finished

OK OK Here it is... Finally finished. I apologize in advance though my camera stinks. The pictures are blurry and well just don't do this colorful afghan justice.

No I have not ordered a new camera yet, but I am this close... can you see me squeezing my fingers together???

Being held up by my son Jim (under protest lol)

Another view... see how blurry???

A close up of the squares, they are mostly race cars and balloons, but there is one whale, one basketball hoop and one clown face.

Adam did come to church with me today and he was so good. Everyone was all over him and they just loved seeing him. It was communion Sunday and when we gave Adam his little cup of grape juice he said very loudly " Ooohh Medicine" hmm out of the mouth of babes, we refer to Communion as Spiritual Penicillin. Afterwards I planned on taking him home but he wanted to come back to Nana and Papa's. How can you say no to his sweet face? So he was here until almost 7:30 this evening. I was a long long weekend for me, for sure. I am exhausted.

So I am still waiting for the box from Maggie, and have started VJG blanket #6. Yep I am crazy. I have decided to do this one with YoYo's. Since I have to make the YoYo's too I expect this will take me about a week to finish, maybe 2. I hope one though.

I think tomorrow will be a stay in bed day, at least once I get that egg crate on. It's too late tonight and I am too tired and my body aches to try to do it tonight.

I am blogging this early cause I expect to be in bed early tonight.

1Cr 11:24 And when he had given thanks, he brake [it], and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me.


SimplyMe said...


This is what I had been picturing. Grrrrrrrrrrrreat Job!

Wendy said...

that is such a wonderful afghan.....I just LOVE it....great job............
Hope you get some rest....and did you say you are going to the doctors? I finally have an appointment for tomorrow, the bump is back, and I can not knock this cough, and then wednesday I get my eyes checked.....
Have a great night and day.

Kenyetta said...

I love it! How big is it exactly? I wish i could do something like that!

hakucho said...

Wow, your blanket is very impressive!! I love the black and white border :) Frames the squares nicely!

Anonymous said...

I love the afghan! It's so colorful and fun. And don't feel bad about the blurry pictures. My camera is terrible, but I'm also a terrible photographer. Needless to say, there aren't many pictures on my blog. ;)

I enjoyed reading about Adam's experience with communion. He seems like such a cutie. My first communion was slightly less cute. My family attended a Lutheran church at the time, and they do something very similar to the Catholic church in that older children and pre-teens go through a communion class before they're allowed to take communion. That particular church serves wine instead of juice (except for people who can't drink alcohol for health reasons or medicine interactions). The wine was very bitter. I literally gaged - I couldn't help it! Very unceremonious, lol. Not exactly the picture perfect moment most Lutherans think of when they think of First Communion. The church I attend now serves juice - so much easier to swallow!

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