Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Y'all ain't gonna believe this sheet!

Sorry. I had cuss. I put words in Kathy's mouth that she didn't say. However, there are fewer calories in my words than food. Ha. Battle won.

Anyway, foot still hurts, but I can tell a difference in her voice. I'm taking it as an improvement. Walking is still limited to the most direst of circumstances (ie dewatering)

On the way back from the little girls room (yep, I bought her a pink shower curtain one year from the dollar store to yank the men's chain) AK decidided to visit her trusty but neglected friend. It was so lonely, it died. Death by dust or desolation? We'll never know. So. Now I have NO IDEA as to her new and improved (???) return date to the computer. Harumph. So much for mechanical things not having feelings.


*****beep beep da da beep beep********

This is a message. A message from the Aunt Kathy Warning System. This is not a test. Repeat: This is NOT a test. You must. I repeat you MUST DUST your computer tower faithfully. Failure to do so my cause irreversible damage and harm to hard drive. Repeat: This is a message from the Aunt Kathy Warning System. This is NOT a test.



Katie O said...

Glad the foot is a little better... so sad to hear of the loss of the 'puter... that really sucks big time... I know that feeling... wow does it suck... good luck!! :)

Lil Knitter said...

Oh no!! I know that feeling much too well. Glad the foot is getting better but now can anyone save or resuscitate the puter?!

Love that ending with the AK warning system...good one.


Mary Ann said...

Shelly, you're a riot!! Love the warning system!! lol

I'm happy to hear that Kathy's foot is feeling better. I sure hope she has someone who can help her with her computer. I can feel depression setting in on her!!

Talk to you soon! Beep Beep, off to dust my computer tower!! Beep, beep!!

Wendy said...

Do you mean I have to DUST........I HATE to dust, but am getting the microcloth ready to do so, only on the puter at the moment..Hmm maybe I should do the TV too, I would lose my mind without those 2 things...
I am depressed for Kathy, because I know it is going to get her down SO badly without the puter.....
Give her our love and BIG HUGS to a fast fix...

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