Friday, April 4, 2008

♪ ♫ ♪ I'm falling to pieces ♪ ♫ ♪

Pieces of VJG squares that is... I am ready to sew together the squares into panels and the panels into a blanket. It should be done tomorrow. Just in time too as I am expecting a box of squares from Close Knit Hugs So I will be wanting to get on those right away.

Our cat Alex has taken quite a liking to these bright colored squares and often naps as close to them as he can get. Can you tell where he starts and the checkered flag squares end?

Apparently Adam has a cold or cough again and didn't go to school or the dentist, but they still wanted me to take him today. It was hard for me to do but I said NO. I have been sick for too long and am finally feeling better, I just don't want to get sick again. I will let him come spend the day today (Saturday) with me but he will go home that same night.

I've been transferring the patterns I have saved in WORD on my computer to my Ravelry queue, I still have quite a few to look up, but I am thrilled to be clearing out some of the stuff slowing my computer down.

Once I've done that I will work on pictures to Flicker or photo bucket so I can clear out some of those files too.

I am feeling so computer savvy, lol.

Naturally I am pretty tired so I think I'll stop here and get ready for bed.

Happy Blogging everyone

Psa 116:8 For thou hast delivered my soul from death, mine eyes from tears, [and] my feet from falling.


Lil Knitter said...

Kitty better look out or he's gonna become part of the blanket. lol
I cannot wait to see it!!!
Glad to hear you're feeling better.

I'm so happy with my Tawashi border. YAY!!


Wendy said...

I don't know how many squares have added animal fiber in them, and some human ones too, my cats love to snuggle with anything I am making, and sometimes I have to get nasty with them, so that my project will be hair free..
I finally see the doctor on Monday...Have a wonderful weekend

hakucho said...

Alex certainly knows a good thing(s) when he see it(them)!

Mary Ann said...

I'm happy to hear that you're feeling better.

I had a box of squares sitting under my coffee table to put together. Next thing I know, Buttons, my cat, was using it as her bed. I didn't have the heart to use them for almost a month because she just loved it there. Then I put them together and threw them into the washer to get the cat hair out!!

Glad you're getting computer savy! Wish I was!

ikkinlala said...

That's a lot of squares!

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