Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm YoYoing and it's not a diet.

Wow can a weekend with a three year old really wear someone out completely? I have pretty much stayed off the computer all day. I managed to get the toys picked up, the dishes washed, and my mattress flipped and the bed changed.

In between all that I have also been crocheting Yoyo's. I need quite a few. I made 120 today and have another 3 days at least to go. So far I have 60 purple and 60 orange made up.

I received a box from Maggie today with two afghans to sew together

****and her computer went awol with her phone, so I'm sitting here talking to her on her cell getting ready to release this blog. We wouldn't want to mess up the 365 blog thing, now would we! Have a great day! ~shelly, aka kadezmom****


SimplyMe said...

Just wondering if your computer was back up yet

hakucho said...

Can't wait to see the yo-yo are certainly a speedy crocheter :)

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