Friday, December 4, 2009

Them Bones Them Bones Them Dry Bones

Yep, that's me. Now you can all see what I look like on the inside, LOL. I had my annual bone density test yesterday and the tech was nice enough to give me a picture of my bones. I've never seen my bones before, so I thought it was COOL.

The test showed that my bones are strong and healthy and dense, so this means I am absorbing my vitamins and nutrients just fine. Woo Hoo, that's great news and something I was a little worried about since my mom has severe osteoporosis, I however am showing no signs of that disease. God is so good.

The testing took place on the third floor of the building and with no thought or fear I took the stairs the whole way up and down. I have to admit though UP is easier and faster than DOWN. Also this test had me laying flat on my back and going under a machine, this is a NSV (non-scale victory) because in the past they have tried to do MRI's etc on me but I NEVER could fit to pass through the machines, even an OPEN MRI. Not to mention laying on my back caused great pain and made it hard to breathe. Not anymore. My life has changed so much.

Speaking of change, look at that a Christmas Tree in my living room. yes that is a HUGE change. I haven't had a tree up in well over 10 years. BUT this year Adam will be here for Christmas and I was told I HAD to have a Christmas Tree. No problem, I'll do anything for the Bubba, anything.

Saving the decorating for when he gets here, except for the lights and the bows. Somehow I managed to lose my Christmas Tree skirt while everything was in storage, so I am hurrying up to make one before Adam arrives. Here is my progress so far. Can I just say I LOVE this pattern, so easy and pretty. If you are a crocheter you can find the pattern here.

Well I guess that's about it for my update today. I really want to get back to this pattern and finish it up.

Aunt Kathy


Vixen said...

Funny, by looking at your bones I'd think you were much taller! You've got long legs! ;)

hakucho said...

That's great news about your bone density test. My mom had osteoporosis too. I just had my BD done last Mon, but I am still waiting for the results and my tech didn't show me what my bones looked like :(

Hope by now Adam is with you and you are enjoying your time with him.

Happy New Year and happy knitting :)

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