Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Elephant??? Really?

So last night I had a dream, well can you call it a dream or should we call it a nightmare? YIKES.

I was somewhere, no clue where or who I was with, and for some reason I needed to take cover in my car or a car. Whatever. And suddenly this HUGE elephant charged the car, well I felt safe enough locked inside, until he SAT on the car and it started to crush.

I was able to crawl onto the floor almost underneath the front seats... Now the good part about that is I WAS ABLE to do that, because I am no longer as fat as that elephant. Then the crushed car started rolling fast down a huge hill.

I survived, but really, who dreams about an elephant sitting on their car? Any dream solvers out there?

Guess maybe I have a lot on my mind, weighing me down, kind of like the elephant in the room scenerio? LOL

Adam comes in 9 days... happy days will be here once again.


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