Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day Twelve of Summer Summer 2011

Day Twelve of Super Summer 2011

Well double knee replacement surgery is done. It wasn't too bad. I am glad. I had a spinal and a block to reduce the pain. 

Adam spent the day with great-grandma and said he had fun. She took him to the dollar store and he got 2 toys. Adam loves the dollar store.

Papa picked him up and to the hospital they cam to see me. Adam of course checked everything out, including the bandages. Then he turned on the TV and found a Start Wars movie and didn't want to leave. But poor Papa had to go, he was exhausted. We were at the hospital by 5:45am so we were up by 4:30am.

Tomorrow Adam should be spending the day with his dad hopefully practicing riding his bike.

Well I am a little tired so I am gonna end the post here and go to sleep. See you tomorrow


danielle said...

Just went to a class - and they recommended having both knees done at once. But they also quantified by saying most people are not willing to do both at once. Good for you!

Teresa said...

Wow, you are a brave woman. Rarely do we see double knees but often 6 weeks apart.
Keep us posted and do what your therapists tell you.

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