Monday, June 20, 2011

Day Four of Super Summer 2011

Day 4- Adam meets the resident Waterside Way Geese.

These geese think they own the parking lot of our apartment complex. They try to keep us from getting into our cars and hiss at you if you proceed. They seemed to take a liking to Adam though, can you blame them? Adam on the other hand wasn't sure what to make of the hissing sound they made as we got close.

Adam got to follow Nana around today as I had to go to two pre-op doctor appointments. I am sure not very exciting for a 6 year old. At one Dr they had a small model of the bones in your spine and Adam was checking that out. A few minutes later he was reaching behind his back and said "Nana... I think I can feel these bones in my back" Then he walked over to the model again and said "I am pretty sure it's these three bones I am feeling".  I love the wonderment of little kids.

Adam also visited my college campus today. I had some school assignments to print out and he of course was with me. He is so well behaved.

Then we stopped at the old house, we needed to get something out of the garage, it was heavy but Adam and I managed to get it out all by ourselves. I rewarded him with an hour swim in Dayna's pool with Hannah.

One more DR visit, this time the cardiologist. He waited patiently while playing angry birds. He does love that game.

Walmart was our next stop. We needed groceries. He watched Megamind movie while sitting in the cart. But he still managed to pick out some "special" foods he loved.

All in all it was a busy day and HOT but we still had fun.

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