Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day Seven of Super Summer 2011

Day 7 of Super Summer 2011

Adam and I hung around the house again most of the day today. I was still working on my paper and power point presentation for my summer class. It's done, just having my sister, the teacher, check it over in case I need to make any last minute changes before I submit it tomorrow.

Adam is so good while I work, he plays with his toys and watches his favorite shows on TV and Netflix, and of course plays Super Mario and Batman Lego games on the Wii. As you can see by today's photo he lives and breathes Mario these days :-)

The Bubba of mine sure know how to make Nana a softy. Somehow he managed to get me to cave and let him open two more Star War Lego kits. There are only two left and they are BIG sets. He is itching to get these opened too. I told them they must wait until I get out of surgery and back home next week and we can build them together.

So what does the smarty pants do? He calls Papa into his room and shows the boxes to him and asks if they can build them together when I am in the hospital. Papa says YES. That little bugger went behind my back. Then a few minutes later he comes to the living room and says to Papa, "When Nana goes to the dentist to have her knees fixed it's gonna be just you and me right?" Papa says yes and Adam gives him a huge hug. Now mind you Adam has been glued to my side for a week, but all of a sudden Papa is all that. Traitor. LOL

Adam came with me to Starbucks for the "meeting before the meeting" tonight. He had a SWEET TEA, he is such a Southern Boy now LOL. At the support group meeting he was so good, no one really even knew he was there, he sat and watched the movie "Igor" and played with his Star Wars Lego men.

When we got home we watched WIPEPUT the summer preview show. he loves this show. If you love to hear a child laugh let them watch this crazy show.

Tomorrow is a big day for us, so we hopefully will get some good sleep tonight.

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