Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day Six of Super Summer 2011

Day 6 of our summer together and we were grounded to the apartment. Yep I have a paper to write for my summer class and it has to be done by Friday. It was raining today anyway so it was a good day to hang around in our jammies and chill.

Adam opened a couple presents that have been waiting here for him since Christmas. Some Lego's kits and a zhu zhu pet and a new Batman Lego game for the Wii. He played with them all, and watched the movie Milo and Otis too.

We did venture out in the rain to get gas in the car. We had to race to beat Papa to the pump and then back into the apartment. We won of course. :-)

Of course we watched for the geese as we ran to the car, they were hiding in the rain but we did catch a glimpse of one of them as we drove out of the parking lot. I am not sure if he likes the geese or just wants to make sure we steer clear of them.

My knees were really hurting today and my bubba was so good to me, he kept giving me hugs when I felt like crying. He's gonna take good care of me after my surgery on Tuesday. I am such a blessed Nana. :-)

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