Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day Ten of Super Summer 2011

Day Ten of Super Summer 2011

Now that's one COOL kid. We were at the mall today to catch the 3D movie of Cars 2. 

Can someone tell me if ALL six year olds have a bottomless pit for a stomach? This kid is ALWAYS hungry. He eats all day and night long. LOL. I can't believe he isn't twice his size already. At least I got him to eat some vegetables tonight, Asparagus too. He also loves Watermelon, last week he ate an entire watermelon all by himself. I have another to cut up tomorrow for the days I am in the hospital.

After the movie we stopped at Toys R Us again, I had a $25 gift card for him and he SCORED 3 boxes of new Lego kits. They were buy one get one at 50% off. Of course when we got home he managed to trick me into building them ALL. I wanted to save them for after I get home from the hospital so we wold have things to do while I recovered, oh well. Maybe I'll teach him how to play GIN. :-)

As usual we ended the night watching WIPEOUT from the DVR. I have been recording them since last summer, he LOVES this show. In case you have never seen this crazy show it's on Tuesday nights, check it out, it really is funny, especially when watching with a six year old.

Tomorrows activity will depend on the weather. You'll have to come back tomorrow to see what fun we have.

This Nana is out for the night, I'm tired.

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