Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day Three of Super Summer 2011

Sunday- Day 3- Fathers Day
We had a nice day today... started out with time at church. They were so happy to see Adam, it was like a swarm of HUGS lavished upon him. He is so loveable and everyone misses him as much as I do. Adam was a good boy in church, only one did he give out a SHOUT of YEAH he was playing a game and won a board and he shouted that right as Tom preached something about the JOY of the LORD, it was perfect timing.

After church we dropped Adam off to his Dad's for the afternoon. They ate Old MacDonlads for lunch and played video games. Adam loves playing with Jims dog Simon. Joe and Adam had pizza for dinner and we picked him up about 6:30.

Back to our apartment Adam decided to play with his toys and that's where he found the BIG FINGER, he came running out to the living room shouting I AM NUMBER ONE. How can you NOT love this boy?

Lightning McQueen was on TV last night so we watched that before bed. Adam had some chocolate-strawberry-vanilla ice cream for a treat. I can remember when he would only touch vanilla and nothing else. He is getting so grown up.

This summer is flying by.

1 comment:

warmharte said...

So happy to see you back!!

And Adam is there as well?? What a wonderful summer!!

Love you,


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