Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Scrap Rug is finsihed Too

This was also a super duper easy project. I used up all my small balls of acrylic yarn, it's all single crochet with two strands of yarn, one MC and one CC, MC throughout, contrast color changing every few rows. It's nice and sturdy and I think perfect for a rud in front of the kitchen sink.

I found the pattern here...

It is called Scrap Yarn Rug. And not to brag but the picture looks just like mine, hahahahahaha

Now what is next... I think some charity squares. Adam will be here tomorrow and is staying until Tuesday so some quick easy squares I think is the best project.


SimplyMe said...

I love that rug! It does look very much like the one shown with the pattern. You are so good at this stuff! Have you decided where to put it yet? Are you giving it to Hannah? I'm going to have to try that dishcloth too......would you stop it with the new projects? Geez, I get in enough trouble without you coming up with a zillion more things I HAVE to make!

Muse said...

That is an adorable rug!!! Wow!!

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